10 Tricks To ALWAYS Look Perfect In Pictures | 10 Posing Styles For Men

tell me if you can relate you probably hate pictures because for some reason they always end up looking making you busted they always catch your wrong angles and living in a digital world that's almost impossible to avoid them meaning that you need to learn how to work with the camera you need to learn what your angles are what you should be doing for when that camera pops up it
always makes you look your best today I'm gonna give you ten pro tips of what you should be doing when it comes to posture how you should be standing angles etc that I personally do for my Instagram as a dude dad hates pictures, someone, I think if you think so let's seems to be working

hop into this video number one super important lever tuck your chin this happens to a lot of people like a reflex right since they hate the camera there almost like flinch backward as if to avoid and not only do you look more insecure but you also will develop a double chin the face is gonna add about
ten pounds instead make sure you stick your head up and slightly out a little bit this is gonna elongate your neck make you look taller and most importantly give you a defined job number two don't close your eyes come on  that one's pretty obvious but it's hard to do sometimes because of they always
catch you while you're blinking here's an easy trick you can do do the three to one trick where you'll close your eyes and when they say one you open them that way as soon as they hit the shutter your eyes are nice wide and open and you're gonna look alert and overall more attractive than looking druzy like they taught you to slip remember three define your jawline this is your moneymaker
 whether you're a girl or a guy this thing looking sharper will make your pictures look better now here's a trick that I like to do instead of looking to head-on onto camera you want to tilt your face slightly beside that your jawline looks sharper for me it's always my lap if you look at almost all my
Instagram pictures they will always be slightly to the left because this is what makes my jawline look sharper Voth this is just about understanding yourself understanding your body and understanding what your angles are best because once you do when that camera pulls out you already know what to do you're posing there before you got to cover those dark eye circles if your eyes are red tired yellow and especially if you got bags under your eyes and it doesn't matter how attractive you are those bags are gonna make you look unattractive so if you know you're not having a good day you didn't sleep right  you want to start wearing frames the last days that can cover these imperfections to make sure that even if it's not your day it's your day when you throw on these Jade black when you throw is on you feel like Superman you feel like a different man I feel right now more attractive even if you don't think

I look attractive or anybody else does it's about what you feel and if you'll feel more attractive people will think you're more attractive because of that confidence you're gonna feel that's what a good prayer frame does when it hides your imperfection on top of that and it's a perfectly symmetrical structure it'll structure your face better that way when that picture snaps your face looks symmetrical therefore more attractive now boys here's the issue you see all these brands Oakley / so great bad Prada Gucci Chanel and you think man there's so many options there are 300 bucks

here's the reality all those brands that are owned by one conglomerate it's Carl exotica they all make the same brands they usually use lower quality products and because the brand name is so big they're charging you three four five hundred with Jane black we decided to infuse it with as much quality as
possible just to give you an example this thing you see here that's polarized glass and don't let people fool you tell you that polarization is not important to go to the American Academy of Ophthalmology a credible medically backed research publication and read what they talk about polarization people
and tell you polarization is not important either they don't know what they're talking about or B don't want to include it in their brand because obviously, the process of polarizing lenses is more expensive we're also
using reinforced stainless steel which is sturdy and heavy we're using Italian acetate on the tips and silicone gel nose pads everything this has is better than what you would get at Rabin ray-bans cost about 300 these are 49 bucks which is unbelievable there's gonna be a link down below go ahead and
check out the whole collection we have so many different styles and designs for both men and women and we also have a questionnaire or a quiz that you can take very simple only about five questions we're gonna recommend to you which glasses you should be wearing for your face shape if you guys want to check that out it'll be linked down below
number five try full body a lot of times why you look a little busted on pictures is because you're all the way into the camera when you're this close this thing is picking up all these imperfections the further back you step the smaller those imperfections become try taking a full-body picture not only would you look more attractive and get to show out your outfit because you're further out you're adding more interest to the picture versus just taking a picture of your face like a self which is born number six you want to make your arms look a little bigger so when you're about to pose it's a simple
change instead of keeping your arms at the sides like this what happens is since they're not flexed they look lie sticks they look very narrow and overall makes you look smaller as a dude you want to photograph more muscular more that an easy thing to do is to just bring your arms up to a 90
degree pose this naturally flexes your biceps to make them look thicker and overall your upper body look muscular and more athletic when they take that picture of you you're gonna look like a stud number seven make sure your feet are standing apart you want them to be about a shoulder width apart with some sort of gap between your thighs if your feet are too close together it just
makes you look like you're trying to take as least space as possible because you're nervous anxious or insecure about yourself we're asked when you have a shoulder-width stance or maybe one where you're naturally working that movement that separation makes you look more confident because it looks like you'retrying to take up more space and you're comfortable with that number eight this  is important never slouch you automatically go into his mindset that you just hate it so you just get through it and start slouching because you don't even want to be there you need the confidence to be seen in the picture that's how they become more attractive therefore you never want to slouch every
the time you see a camera you should stand straight up with your shoulders back

rolled down and your head up as soon as you do this again you look taller you look confident and therefore the picture will look better number nine lean a bit forward you never want to mean back in a photo as this creates a second Ken illusion since the camera is pretty much coming at your worst angle possible right underneath instead what you want to do is come a little bit towards the camera this again shows initiation it shows confidence and overall exposes a better sign of finally number ten boys use your profile if for whatever reason you just hate how you look head-on you want to start taking pictures on the side a lot of times your profile shot could be better than your head-on shot some people look better head-on versus profile everybody has their side and you have to take multiple pictures to see which is your favorite so if you just can't stand your head on pictures try taking profile pictures and see if you like them better and that's basically it for this week's video guys those are 10 tips that you can start doing right now to improve your pictures if you guys liked this video and found it informative don't forget to drop us a like down below also don't forget to check out jade black they're gonna be linked down below

as well that's it for me today see you next time

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