10 Tricks To Look Busy When You Feel Awkward | Do THIS When You Feel Awkward

you know there's awkward moments when just nobody is talking to you so you just sit there twiddling your thumbs with absolutely nothing to do you start feeling awkward and hot as hell yespeople notice and yes your doubts  they're correct you look weird and awkward at the situation and you burying yourself behind your phone acting busy ain't gonna cut it so today I'm gonna save you the embarrassment  for next time that you're feeling awkward whether you're working you're supposed to be busy or you're in a social setting and nobody's talking to you at the party you are 10 things that you can do so you can look busy and cool and awkward situations yes boys I think about

everything let's hop into it 4-1 start scripting you know that goes to no one you see basic people they act like they're texting but the reality is you look like a child and everybody's on to your life everybody knows what you're really doing however if you have your email open and somebody looks over and they see that you're writing an email I'm gonna automatically leave that person alone because you're gonna assume it's some serious business plus you can always send the email to yourself whether it's a to-do list or a grocery list

nobody knows other than that you look really busy right now number three walk with a sense of urgency instead of just standing there awkwardly walk somewhere with confidence and some sort of sense of urgency like you need to get somewhere whether you're just going to the vending machine in the bathroom or really just going f or a brisk stroll with no destination in mind when you walk with the brisk pace people are just gonna assume that you're busy and they're not gonna bother you number three put on some headphones wh en you've got headphones on think about it you're never gonna mess with somebody with headphones on because you think that they're in the zone they're doing something busy and you don't look awkward and this is why personally if you look at any of my EDC videos I'm always carrying Bluetooth wireless headphones now the ones that I personally carry are from recon which are freaking amazing because of how tiny they are you put those suckers in your ear and you're good to go these are the eight twenty fives and the ones that I recommend for you to pick up for this situation that way you can always have them if you ever feel awkward pop those suckers in start listening to an audio book a podcast whatever and now you just look like you're appending your time doing something beneficial and nobody's gonna bother you everybody's gonna think you're busy now as you might have known ray Conn was started by an artist named ray
and the cool thing with rake on our today's sponsor is that these headphones are so amazing that everybody from Snoop Dogg to Karlie be like almost all the major celebrities are raving about how great these headphones are they also came out with these H 100's these are over the ear headphones that are also noise cancellation headphones the great thing about over the ear is that anybody, if you buy these anybody from a mile away, is gonna know that you're busy you're in your zone nobody's gonna mess with you because anybody can see them on the street part of these h1 hundreds on top of it being noise cancellation and you can just block the outside noise is that they have a long-lasting battery this one can play for about 20 hours without needing an extra charge on top of that and they are Bluetooth wireless you could also take calls you can control the volume on these things are amazing and they're also collapsible so they're easy to carry in your backpack or whatever it may be
these headphones have premium sound quality like what you would get on premium audio they cost about half the price if you guys click that link down below and use our special code you're gonna get an extra 15% of any of their headphones which are already affordable whether it's the H 100 so over the year or the e 25 s the in-ear on top of that it makes an amazing Christmas gift anybody can use a high-quality pair of headphones so if you guys want to check out Rea Khan or any of those headphones they're gonna be linked down below with that special code number four you can always wear glasses you see busy people always wear glasses you look more attractive and more intellectual and even if you don't wear prescription you can always wear blue light lenses and wear them all the time even indoors Plus on top of all that wearing glasses is also an added barrier  between your face
and the other person's face which just makes you feel more comfortable as well  in social situation number five we want to check your watch now I've told you before a watch is a must for every guy not only because it looks more stylish but also because they can save you from these awkward situations when you've got nothing to do if you ever feel weird and you just want to leave because nobody's talking to you just look at your watch and then walk out intently you see when you do that it's gonna appear like you forgot that you have another event to go to and you walk out intently nobody's gonna question you number six massage your temples ain't no I'm gonna be

heartless enough to mess with the guy that has a headache so if you're at a house party sitting out the couch like a loser just st art massaging your temple as a matter of fact you might make friends that actually worry for you number seven learn to say no only busy people say no you see needy people they say yes to everything because they got nothing going for their life if you start saying no more often people are gonna start respecting your time more and think that you're some cool busy dude with the air tight schedule number eight never say that much when somebody says what's up to you never hit him back with the not much you always want to have a story ready people that say not much really have not much going on with their lives but the reality is even if you're not an interesting person everybody has something going on whether you're moving into a new apartment you're doing home renovations your new class your new career your new job whatever is going on with your life
always have a story ready in your head I want anytime somebody hits you with the wood table you could be like yep you know I'm just moving into this new career right now it's an amazing job in the city I've I've been done you see how different that is it automatically captivates you and makes you more interesting number nine have a handy snack you see if you have food in your mouth no one's gonna ever expect you to actually speak up and if it's a chewy snack like taffy it's even a bigger plus
because you're gonna be there for a while and finally number ten have a handy book if you're ever somewhere with absolutely nothing to do and you're sitting there like a loser open your backpack grab a good book and start reading

you're gonna look more intellectual you're gonna look more attractive and ain't nobody gonna mess with you think me that you're a loser it's gonna look like you're doing it for your own will which looks pretty cool and that's basically for this week's video guys those are ten things that you can do in
awkward situations to look more busy if you guys like this video and found that informative don't forget to drop us a like down below also don't forget to check out our sponsor ray con they're gonna be linked down below as well

that's it for me today see you next time


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