5 HIDDEN Signs A Girl Likes You - THIS is What Girls Are Thinking About You

how many times in your life have you misinterpreted a woman on one hand you think she likes you she's all over you she's flirting with you she's texting you she reached out to you for she you made eye contact on the other when you approached her she seems distant like she doesn't want to talk to you or awkward or like she's pushing you away I've been there before and I completely understand I think every guy's been here before

sometimes women are hard to read but really it's not the woman's fault it's
yours and mine because we misinterpret what they're actually saying, today boys
I'm gonna tell you exactly what women are thinking today with these seven
features that if you look at a woman and she does or does not do them you'll be
able to know if this woman's thinking about you if she thinks you're
attractive or if she wants you to back the hell up if that sounds interesting
let's hop into number one I call them pacifying behavior when a woman feels
tense anxious or uncomfortable she's going to start performing these
pacifying behaviors in order to soothe her nerve this is bad news on your
part if you see any of these pacifying behaviors chances are you're making her
uncomfortable and you should probably ease up on that approach some common
pacifying behaviors you'll see are stroking of the neck playing with her
jewelry or rubbing her arm or thigh all of these she does in order to feel more
relaxed because you are making her anxious number two likes cross look I'm
not here to give you an anatomy class to explain the female body nor do I want to
get demonetized but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that most men all
they're interested is what's in between the legs of a woman and well woman knows
it now because women know this when they feel threatened when they don't want to
give you what's in between their legs they're gonna do a subliminal move
called well at least I call it the ankle lock when you see a woman deploy this as
you approach her or as you're talking to her chances are that she feels fearful
uncertain and most importantly she's holding back number three her lips
slightly parted open you see a woman's lip it can tell you a lot about what they're thinkin
especially what they're thinking about you most girls do this to plump their
lips so they can look juicier mainly because she won't see to kiss her in
other words she thinks you're a whole freaking tasty snack that she wants to
taste but you're probably sitting there asking yourself okay Jose I get that
part but how the hell do I make myself these this irresistible Hershey's
chocolate bar that she just desires easy you want to become a high-status man
when you do of course your lips are gonna be parted open because of your this
the high-status guy that she's drooling over that she wants you to take her easy ways
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watches boys they're gonna be linked down below number four notice whether
she's touching her face this one it's like Inception because you're over here
trying to figure out what she's thinking but when she's touching your face she's
over here thinking about what you're thinking when you see a woman touching
your face or her neck lightly while she's also grinning she is going beyond
just basic flirting she's now in daydreaming mode I don't know what she's thinking

well she's thinking about you she's thinking about how dreamy you are you
big fella number five hiding your lip now while this isn't the same ballpark
as parting her lips it's slightly  different you see the parted lips move
is a more confident move confident girls deployed especially the girls that know
what they want they know that she wants you to kiss her  however shy girls
or girls that you make  nervous and a good way, of course, like you're intimidating her they're
gonna bite their lips number six adding barriers when a woman feels
threatened or scared they're gonna put barriers between you and her in order to
feel more protective at this point she pretty much thinks that you're a creeper
and she's two seconds away from calling the cops now simple things to look out
for our movements like her crossing her arm putting her purse or books across
her chest or even crossing or drink in front of her at the bar anything that
she puts up between you and her is a barrier and it just means that she
doesn't like you finally number seven I call it the hip throw a hip thrust is
when a woman stands with one of her hips thrust it out and one of her shoulders
lifted not only is this an invitation for you to flirt with her but it's also
a slick way or slick move their women do to show their figure instead of standing
straight when women just have no interest in you whatsoever when you see
her do a hip thrust know that she's trying to make herself look more
attractive because it makes your hips look bigger which subconsciously lets us
know that she's better for fertility and when she brings up her shoulder it
brings her chest out to make them look bigger
again she knows that this is going to attract you and that's basically it for
this week's video guys those are seven ways to know if a woman is thinking
about you and well what she's thinking positive or negative if you guys liked
this video and found it informative don't forget to drop us a like down
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me today see you next time

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