5 Things that Will PERMANENTLY Make You UGLY

so if you clicked on this post you probably think you're ugly or you've probably heard somebody tell you that you're ugly which I get it hurts it's hard it's harsh and if you bear with me I'm gonna get even a little bit more real with you I'm gonna get more harsh with you to be honest with you I don'
think you're ugly I've said this before I don't think there are aa Glee dudes and if you are maybe a little bit harsh on the eyes are not easy to look at most of the time when I've been able to identify these it's errors on your part that has been leading you down that path so you could either sit there try to cope with it and beat yourself up you get up and learn these six mistakes that you're probably doing on a consistent basis that potentially could be leaving you permanently ugly that was long but you get the point

let's hop into it number one drinking this bullcrap you see most people don't understand that just one can of soda has about 39 grams of sugar according to the American Heart Association the average male should only be in taking around 37 points 5 grams of sugar a day meaning that just 1/10 of this bullcrap puts you above the daily average and you want to know what happens with all that exces
sugar that you end up drinking or eating it just turns into fat since sugar contains pretty much no fiber and protein it's very easy to be in taking sugar all day and never feel satisfied or full which leads you to over intake sugar and that sugar ends up being stored as well you guessed it fat number
two having these disgusting sweat-stained guys that sweat excessively or have hyperhidrosis to the point that they're sweating profusely and then they can't control it is a tough battle to deal with they could easily make you feel ugly if you notice that no matter what the order in you use or what steps you take into action you're still sweating profusely non-stop it's time that you actually go into action with different resources I would sweat bullets to the point that there was a point in my life where I was literally using toilet paper to stuff my armpits as pads so they could absorb the sweat before it would seep through onto my shirt like this it was that embarrassing for me so I can imagine exactly what you're going through right now if you sweat profusely as until I found our sponsors long boys
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these would change your life for multiple reasons and also make you feel more attractive first of all wearing an undershirt that's pretty much invisible is the best and most effective way to get rid of these sweat stains when you wear an undershirt you have a protective layer that absorbs a sweat before that allows it to seep through to the exterior later so you have nothing to worry about even if it's a nerve-wracking day so they summoned
different skintone colors you're supposed to go on the site and pick the one that matches your skin tone closely when you find that one and you put it on what you're gonna notice it almost disappears
since this shirt matches your skin tone color you can even throw on a white t-shirt or a regular shirt over it and you can't tell you're wearing an undershirt which in my opinion are the best types of undershirts should not be seen on top of that slump undershirts have a deep v-neck cut which
allows you to unbind a cup of buns and you can still show some man cleavage with again without having to show that you're wearing an undershirt loan undershirts are great because they come with a little bit of elastane so as you
can see these shirts almost fit like compression shirts they're very form-fitting and that's on purpose functionally they're not going to be interfering with your dress shirts or causing awkward bolts and even better since they are that almost compression style shirts they do a great job of keeping everything tight and almost smoothing things out so when you wear a tight t-shirt or a dress shirt that's fitted your dress shirt isn't gonna be contouring into your love handles or any man boobs or anything that you don't like to see or any sort of imperfection so boys if you guys want to check out
Sloan, they're gonna be linked down below the special clothes gonna be there as well

go ahead and pick some up number three being too quiet let me ask you a question when somebody hits you with a hey what's up what's new what's your go-to response chances are not much what's up with you you end up saying
this because you don't want to talk and you're too shy or you think your life is not important enough to talk with other people about it so now people perceive
you as boring which permanently in their mind they see you as unattractive you see attractive confident people are great conversationalist even if your life is not filled with drama or advance or you're not a freaking celebrity you can always come up with the story have a story ready anytime you meet somebody new that you can deploy so you can have a great conversation and you can force
yourself to do this every single time so you yourself become that great conversationalist and it could be anything like you're moving to a new the apartment you're remodeling your room you're planning a vacation the school you're planning to attend or applying for maybe you're starting a massive new
the project at work or you're starting your own business it doesn't matter what it is you can have a story ready that way anytime you meet somebody you got

something entertaining to talk about number four you just complain too much you see complainers they never get things have done personally I could have sat down and started whining about how God gave me a fast metabolism and because of that I was a scrawny lanky tall ass dude with the big head that walked around as a lollipop I could have easily done that or I could have gotten up realized the
problem figured how to solve the problem which would be put on mass an know balance my proportions so I felt and looked more attractive I chose the latter and this is because nobody really wants to listen to a whiner or a complainer about stupid stuff and then to add a salt to injury the fact that you don't act upon what you don't like ends up making you permanently unattractive as well too if you don't like something change it if you can't change it change the way you're looking at number five having large pores at the end of the day we all want buttery soft silky skin that's what looks attractive and handsome and what not having massive dirty the reason you have those massive
pores just makes your skin oily and look pores is because your oil glands aren't over producing oil this oil then ends up sitting inside your pores and stretching out the pore itself which is why they appear big and while also your skin ends up becoming very oily well there's a simple solution to this again find a problem figure out a solution and then put it into action use cucumbers cucumbers is a natural ingredient a vegetable that they've been using in spas for I don't know how long now and it's for a reason cucumbers naturally have an ingredient called silica built in them that when you apply to your skin not only does it make your skin look newer but it also helps shrinking down your pores and finally number six Hampi your pimple look if you want to pop pimples all over your body do so but on your face ever touch them the reason before this is because your nails cause permanent micro tears and damage to your skin in the surrounding areas and if your hands are dirty not only are you gonna reinfect those micro tears but also it can cause acne scars are a permanent damage that could scar your face and again make you look permanently again that's basically for this week's
video guys those are six things that you and I do all the time that could be making us permanently ugly if you guys liked this video and found it informative don't forget to drop us a like down below also don't forget to check out our sponsor Boise loan they're gonna be linked down below as well

that's it for me today see you next time

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