6 Beauty Tips To Look MORE Handsome

Say a lot of you have this misconception to think that celebrity or certain Models were just born with God giving gifts and they just look good on their

Own the reality is especially with working with the centers that we work With so many high-end models,  these people you know the amount of football and say Yaga Stone Island Louis Vuitton like some of the major brands.
 these people are Complete studs looking at their processes what they do before shoots and How they prepare I have been learning of a lot of the backend industry beauty tips.

That these people and celebrities use constantly to look better that really Nobody wants you to know because they don't want you to be good-looking they Want to keep them good-looking so you try to be like that but the reality is You can implement some of these six basic tips into your routine so you.

Yourself can also look like a model or celebrity today boys, I'm gonna share with you these six beauty tips, nobody wants you to know but I do let us hop Into it the number one use the steamer yeah that steam the room you know that every gym.
Has but you've never stepped into you're gonna want to start doing this is a hack That I learned from a male model the thing is that usually most of you go to Like I said will have a steam room so the next time you hit a grueling workout.
 right after it go step into a steam room for about 10 to 15 minutes this is gonna Purify all the toxins out of your pores leaving your skin super hydrated and Soft after you step out,
if you do this daily and after every workout your Skins gonna have a drastic turn around doing this also increases the production Of collagen and your body on top of that you're also able to benefit from, the Dead skin cell removal from all the heat that the sounder is producing in others.
Words this for your skin it's a game-changer Number two moisturize with your eyes moisturizing your skin is just important, Because the dryness from the air usually ends up sucking all the moisture or the Hydration from your skin,
 which ends up drying it out this, is what causes  fine  Lines wrinkles and imperfections that can even lead to acne a simple step like Moisturizing is important you probably know, that however the area around the Eyes this is an area most guys end up skipping the problem is that this is an area that needs or requires the most attention.
 because the skin there is Extra thin and super fragile so when you start focusing and moisturizing the area
Around the eyes and helps smooth, plump, and lessen dark eye circle this is Because dark eye circles they tend to appear darker when the skin is the Hydrated which makes you look dull tired and overall. uglier now here goes a bonus One it's super easy anybody can do it but I hear my model say this all the Time our essentials gear yeah that crap fits so well it makes you look good Makes you look buff
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brighten your skin it's safe to say that almost all of us have experienced dual plan skin that just looks ashy and flake well an easy way to make your skin look more handsome is to give it a dose of vitamin C
vitamin C is a natural substance that helps reduce dark spots restore the skin by Brasa tea and even soften the skin the easiest way to do this as by packets of vitamin C combine them with water and then just put them in an in a mister bottle or a mister spray and that way every day right before
 you go to bed, you could spray your face with a little bit my time in C and then the next day when you wake up it's gonna wake up more vibrant and almost picture perfect looking straight out of bed number four dry cleaners dry cleansing is the process of cleansing your face without using water or at least not using water initially you can try it right now it's a really good tactic to purify your skin removes dead skin cells and makes it feel softer you can do it now go to your bathroom grab your cleanser whichever one you're using apply to your to your hands and then start rubbing it all over your skin do a deep scrub without wetting your skin or wetting your hands hence the term dry cleansing what you're going to notice is that after about twenty or thirty seconds that the cleanser is gonna start becoming tacky and a little bit tougher to start spreading around you want to keep doing this for about a minute onc
It's done and it's nice and hard this is when you're gonna apply water what it's gonna feel like it's like removing a piece of glue from your face and with it It's gonna come all the toxins and dead skin cells you're still using the same Cleanser you have always used but this tactic almost feels like it exfoliates
Your skin as you are also cleansing it, which makes your skin, feel ultra-soft In addition, purified once you do it and again it is almost instant and you could try it Right now and finally number five have men's concealer do not think of this like
Makeup think of it like a moisturizer with a little bit of tint in it you are not Using brushes or anything it's more like for emergencies now Tom Ford has a Cool men's concealer it comes in a stick and the great part with Is that you can cover blemishes so if you have a super bad acne scar or a zit
That popped out, nowhere and you need a cover-up or you have severe dark eye Circles you need to get rid of because you've got an important event or Important date you can use this lightly to smoothing out your skin and make it look perfect again; this is something that celebrities and models do it all
The time don't think of it like makeup think of it again just like like a Tinted moisturizer and it's a good way to just smooth it target areas now you, Don't got to use this daily but as an emergency stick it's amazing and that's for this week's winner people those are five handsome hacks that Nobody wants you to know but I am telling you once you start implementing this They're gonna be game-changers if you guys liked this video and found it

Informative do not forget to drop us alike down below also do not forget boys Our pop-up shop is coming this October 26 if you guys show up it's gonna be an Insane experience completely free and you're gonna mean a lot of influencers So I hope I can see a lot of you guys out there because it's gonna be an
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