6 CREEPY Things Guys Do That Girls HATE

by a raise of hands how many of you have ever caught been called creepy by a woman in the past probably like 95% of you because it's not your fault listen here it's mostly because we're women throw the word creepy out pretty easily to men and almost anything men dois considered harassed women are fragile creatures and us as men we're so chill and laid-back that honestly, I can't remember the last time I called the girl creepy or ever really gold digger yeah I've called but but creepy never but they they'll call us creepy for anything that we do and in order to save yourself the embarrassment and harassment lawsuit

and self-loathing that you're gonna have when your crush calls you creepy I'm gonna give you the six common things that most men do to girls that I'm not gonna lie I'm gonna have to side with them on a couple of these they're pretty creepy and it's mostly because you're nervous so if that sounds interesting let's hop into it number one the stretch over trying to be smooth almost every dude that I know F has done this at least once in their life you just go right in made it look like an accident which women then just found creepy to avoid this you need two things first you need to learn how to read a woman's cues her body language if she's flirting back with you as you're engaging chances are she already wants you to close that personal space between you and her and number two once you do decide to do it do it with the surance and confidence and not the strut can reach which just looks insecure number two you're wearing too much cologne you see when guys tend to pile on cologne there's two things that women are thinking one this guy is giving me a headache and two this guy
has something to hide in other words you probably smell bad and you're using cologne to overcompensate or you're just so shy that you think cologne is gonna close the deal between you and her both of which are a bad thought for that woman to have in her head and why she is being creeped out by you the reality is boys that would you use fragrance you want to do it with taste you want to do it with class in other words one two maybe three sprays at most is more than enough to lure women in and be seductive enough to so it's mild only when you're in close proximity once things get heated both body temperatures are rising that Frank is just going to start coming out and that's just going to draw her in closer and closer this is when it kick and if you want to do it right you want to make sure you're using the right fragrance now fragrances they tend to be expensive but thanks to our sponsor Shepherd you can get it for 15 bucks a month

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that's when she opens up to you and she's gonna give you those digits and when you can actually drop a compliment because she's gonn a be receptive to it number four were texting your hey because she's gonna be receptive to it xguys do this in the early stages of talking to a woman when there has been no sexual connection to her whatsoever so smooth wanna be guys would pull up their phone think that they have to build the courage to drop like hey beautiful text to a girl and now she's just gonna receive this on her and and be like what the hell is this now she's creeped out cuz she has no idea where it came from that being the guy that's dropping early compliments on girls when you haven't built any sexal tension between you and her and a personal level you want to make sure that you've talked to her already in person in that way that you build that connection already that she knows that

you have some sort of interest in her  from there flirting over text it's simple anything earlier than that you're a creeper hey beautiful I call that the finger tap and you feel how creepy that was so you're at a bar and the woman is facing the bartender men are gonna come extremely close to her tap her on th
shoulder to get her attention now she's creeped out and you look like a weirdo you broke two primal rules here, first of all, you broke the touch barrier before you even in signing a conversation with her women do not like to be touched if they don't know you and number two you have no idea what personal space is if you're just getting to know her you want to keep at least two or three feet of personal space between you and her as the conversation is flowing a simple way or a way that would have been a hundred times better to approach this would have been a simple lean on the bar to get her
 peripheral attention and they just say something simple like excuse me and then fill the conversation from there and finding the sixth thing that makes you a creeper is that you don't approach once you've made eye contact the reason that staring is creepy is because there is no action following it you're just there and that creeps women out you look like a serial killer once you make eye contact with the girl across the room make sure that you go ahead and approach her holding off and continued staring back and forth in the course of 15 to 20 minutes it's just weird however if you catch her locking eyes with you once maybe twice

it tops that's your answer right there this girl has some level of interest in you and you should go ahead and make the approach to not look like a weirdo and that's basically it for this week's video guys those are six things that so many dudes do that make them look like creepers if you guys liked this video and found it informative

well that's it for me today see you next time

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