6 Steps To Go From Hideous To Handsome In 30 Days

you see a lot of men want to be good-looking but they don't even know what it means because well they're just so angry that they don't get the the complexity of what it means to be a handsome male if you guys just stopped being so lazy and just grabbed a dictionary for a second you'd realize what being handsome actually means and what you got to do to actually be handsome because being handsome all it means is to be good good-looking screw the dictionary that was no help today I'm gonna give you six actionable steps that you can take to go from hideous to handsome that are you ain't gonna find in Webster's if that sounds interesting let's hop into number one you gotta be well proportioned if you go to Google right now and just google handsome you're gonna see that a similar term

that Google shoots back at you is to be well proportion in other words you want to somehow structure your face to make it look more bound on top of your haircut and your beard trimming styles these are the two attributes that you can use to balance your face and give it more structure but one that you can use that you've probably never heard of is something called mooing now you could google mooing yourself and see all that it is but in the synopsis they're basically just tongue positioning and tongue exercises that you do to structure your face and make it look more chiseled now the theory is that the more you do it the more this morphs your face into a chiseled face I don't know about all that if that's true or not what I do know is true is that depending on how you position your tongue which I can show you here clearly you actually could remove your double chin and give your face more structure so when you Moo or put your tongue in the proper position you give yourself a more proportion face that makes you look more handsome number two be more personable you see somebody who is personable is somebody who is pleasant and both appearance and also manner this is the biggest differentiator between being amiable and being personable and somebody amiable if somebody just friendly somebody that's personal it's somebody that's friendly and also cares about his appearance and how he looks being personable is another one of those similar terms that google shoots back at you when you google handsome meaning that you have to be personable to be handsome this is exactly why I like dressing one why I tell you so much to do so because when you dressed well not only do you feel good about it but it's also just a sign of respect to everyone else that you meet that day that you actually put an effort and how you look and how you present yourself

number three wear frames that make you look smarter do you guys remember about four or five years ago that meme of Ryan Gosselin where it just went completely viral where he was wearing frames well it was the frames themselves that made him look handsome now the dude was already a stud he was already attractive good-looking and all that but when he put on those frames and took that picture that picture would immediately viral because all the girls just saw him as his handsome intellectual guy this is why I recommend you guys to wear frames now when you wear frames that make you look smarter like these from Jade black what it does is that on one hand since it's a structured frame that's well balanced it gives you that structure that makes you look well proportioned like I mentioned in the first tip but when you make him clear like this it also gives you that intellectual side to your style that makes you look smarter and therefore more handsome now the beauty of these Jade black blue light lenses is that even if you don't wear prescription glasses you can wear these all day inside and outdoors and they're actually functional and that's some sort of style or fashion frame like some guys wear that have absolutely no purpose these are blue light blocking lenses meaning that they're made to block the blue light coming out of digital devices like your phone your computer and your tablet to ensure that you don't harm your eye and also to ensure that it doesn't mess with your internal
melatonin levels inside your body so you can sleep good at night these have a lot of function on top of just the looks and how handsome they make you look now these are so amazing that if you go to Jade black right now everything's absolutely sold out they sold out the first day they dropped because they're so popular and we ordered a lot of inventory but don't worry I have been getting emails and messages and comments about these blue light lenses when they're gonna be returning and I got good news it's coming before Christmas and if you order it's coming this December 7th go ahead and mark your calendar put a reminder on your phone you do not want to miss this new collection for jade black because we're gonna be restocking a blue light lenses on top of bringing out new designs like these new modern wafers or these new geometrical metal design friends which you look at they just look so sick completely unique we're gonna be bringing out all these new designs new colorways on top of restocking the blue light boys I'm telling you we bought a lot of inventory but I guarantee you
this thing is gonna fly off the shelves especially considering that it's Christmas time everybody is shopping Muto a lot of people are gonna be buying and I don't want you to miss I'm picking up some nice blue light lenses so mark your calendars put a reminder on your phone December 7th at 10:00 a.m. Eastern our new collection for Jade Black is dropping and it's going to sell fast number four portray a higher value this is also what differentiates a handsome guy from a cute boy handsome men are seen as more mature more valuable more stable and what you want to do with your person al style and how you carry yourself is portray just that now one of the aspects that you'll notice of my personal style that I owe every single video you watch anytime you catch me on the street you'll always catch me wearing a watch doesn't matter what watch it is what style it is or how much it cost what you want is just a watch on your wrist that sends a subliminal message day you're mature dude you're a dude that values time when women see that they're gonna categorize you as a handsome man because they're gonna put you in a higher study number five become more tasteful according to Webster's dictionary another synonym for being handsome is to be tasteful or a man of good taste and that pretty much means having good taste across all aspects of life when it comes to women you want smart beautiful woman with a head on her shoulders and not a skank with drinks you drink manly drinks like old fashions and not fruity stuff like margarita and with Styles you don't follow flamboyant childish styles that come and go but instead stick to basics that you know always look good that's tasteful that's timeless that's handsome finally number six boys you need to develop a class if you want to be handsome you need to be a guy that reflects high standards of personal behavior when you put yourself in that pedestal of exceptional class women they're gonna notice you and they're gonna consider you more handsome than the barbaric cavemen that are still fighting with each other like monkeys you and on the other hand are a gentleman a gentleman with class and that's basically it
I hope you enjoyed it  see you next time

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