6 Things To Never Put On Your Face

now here's the reality you're probably struggling with your skin now for ages

if not years trying every single product in the pharmacy store thinking that it's

going to give you the solution but for some reason you still keep getting breakouts you have imperfections in bounces and your skin is just not looking perfect and trust me  I feel even since my better in your own skin today I'm gonna only goal is for you to feel change your perspective you're out here  thinking that you need a certain product  to make you look better to get rid of the acne when the reality is the causes for your acne the causes for your breakouts and your skin imperfections.

sometimes or something that you're doing every single day and aren't even realizing it today  I'm gonna show you the six things that you need to stop putting on your face that most of us do thinking it's gonna solve our problems let's hop into number one the sugar scrub I know you're probably been doing this or have heard of this since your middle school year thought that using a sugar scrub is great to exfoliate your pores the reality is this might not be

 the best way to exfoliate your face if you ever look at sugar particles you'll notice that they're not perfectly circular and instead are jagged and almost square like with sharp edges so using this to exfoliate your face can actually cause small abrasions on your skin these microscopic tears caused by the jagged edges on sugar product particles are causing these micro tears or openings on your skin that can easily be infected and then lead to acne number two using a regular bar of soap using bars of soap like the regular generic brand ones that you buy at your local store are packed with tons of chemicals  mint and have been formulated to be able to wash everything away now while they do an amazing job at removing dirt they also do a great job of removing all the other stuff like your essential oils and minerals and hydration that your skin needs to remain healthy while also leaving behind harsh chemicals on your skin leading to the dryness and acne that forms on your face and on your back  here's the thing that most of you don't understand most of these soaps that you buy are classified by the FDA as synthetic detergent you're putting  synthetic detergent on your skin and as

a matter of fact I don't even use these laboratory produced soaps on any part of my body let alone my face personally I organic handmade bars of soap this one's from our sponsor Dr Squatch and golly it
smells amazing now I don't know if you've been seeing their crazy viral ads on YouTube lately but I'm not gonna like do it I sell for a living I know how to sell product so when I saw this ad in a spark curiosity and me I had to get my hat's off like I I appreciate a good ad and these ads spark curiosity to the point that I just had to try them out myself and honestly after I did I'm never gonna go back these bars of soap

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have five essential oils there's no harmful chemicals or harsh chemicals in
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should too you need to change your bars of soap if you want to change your
grooming game and make sure you're not damaging your skin and this is the brand
you want to choose to because well they're organically made and they won't
break the bed number three your hands in case you don't know a lot of studies
have shown that your hands actually have more bacteria than bathrooms like public
dirty bathrooms that's because your hands touch a bunch of bacteria and germs every single day
here's a quick test you can do the next day that you walk around all day at the
end of the day go and grab some soap and wash your hands and just watch how dirty
and black the water comes out well all that black dirt grime dust and bacteria
most of us end up putting it on our face because we have tendencies of constantly
touching our face when we're thinking when we're nervous etc number four hair
spray or hair product both of these products contain lacquers and alcohols
that can dry your skin make it dehydrate it and overall make it look older on top
of that a lot of hair products and styles contain certain oils they can
clog your pores and lead to acne breakouts so when you go to sleep your
goal should be to wash all that product  out of your hair before you go to bed
and when you do go to bed make sure your hair doesn't fall on your face because
that's probably what's causing the acne around your forehead and on your
sideburns number five body lotion I'm sure all of us have done this at least

once in our life because let's be real wouldn't it be great then you can just
lather one type of lotion all over your body however body lotions should never be
applied to the face body lotions are usually a lot thicker than face lotions
and then on top of that also contains fragrances that thick consistency is
damaging for the skin on the face and can even lead to clogging your pores
because your skin on your face is thinner and more gentle number six  toothpaste
here's a simple top your toothpaste was made for your teeth I know that sounds
generic but a lot of people need to hear this and I've seen the hacks out around
and I think I even use them back in the day that when you develop a zit you
should use toothpaste to dry all two-zip  now while the hacked actually does work
and it will dry out the pimple the damage that it causes to the skin can
actually be worse than the pimple itself the problem is that the toothpaste can
be so harsh because it's not meant for the skin that it can lead to over drying
and damaging the skin like it lead to leaving scars instead what you should do
is try spot treatments that you can actually buy that were made and
formulated for your skin and have some sort of benzoyl peroxide as an
ingredient because these work just as well at drying out in the zits without
damaging or killing your skin cell finally number seven using super hot
water I know we're all in love with super hot showers however
hot showers in the morning could be the tremenda for your skin hot showers can
strip all the essential oils from your skin which can lead to a chi dry skin
that can also ultimately lead to eczema your ideal water temperature it should
be lukewarm to the point that it's not uncomfortable but also you're not
stepping up the shower with red boiling hot skin and that's basically it for
this week's video guys those are seven things that you're doing that's damaging
your skin that you should not be putting on your face

see you next time

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