6 Tricks To Look COOL Even If You’re "WIERD"

boys, you already know this if your TMF on your style like you is through the roof meaning that you understand that the clothing you wear can send
whatever message you want whether you want to be an attractive guy a professional and artistic stylish guy you can send that message and today we're gonna do just that today I'm gonna help you send the message of that cool bad boy style even if you're not I'm gonna show you the tricks the hacks and the things that you could be doing wearing and even the gruelling side that it's gonna make you look like that cool guy the popular kid the guy that well has everything going for him it looks like he's not even trying all using style if that sounds interesting let's hop into number one and probably the most important accessory out there are a pair of sunglasses different story if you got round frames it's more of an artistic vibe if you got for example Club masters it's more of a professional feel to it more proper you know but if you got aviators you're that cool
stylish dude, you're a that bad boy and the beauty with aviators is that they came

out in the 1930s for actually, pilots, that's why they're called aviators when they were flying now they were taken by the common guy to be used as a nonchalant accessory that makes every dude look like a bad personally today there's this certain journals require every time I see a dude with aviator it's this certain vibe of just a dude that just doesn't get hung up on his feelings that doesn't care about the
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we're an ode fragrance you're probably sitting there thinking what the hell is a good fragrance Jose does does my Chanel blue have it ha hell no it's not in that fragrance you see oh is one of the most expensive perfume and greeness out there and it's one of the most coveted ones because it's so intoxicating it's just a powerful musky said that's super desirable and it derived from the wood from Southeast Asia it's a tree and agar tree that they call it when you spray this on your body the dark and strong undertones that this scent has give you a boost of bad-boy confidence unlike any other basic fruity or fresh fragrance that the nice guys are rare number three have shiny hair for some reason cool ass dudes dudes that are bad boys always have shiny slicked hair it's never met it's never mess easy for example I like this guy because he really does have that bad-boy aesthetic even though everything else about his frame doesn't tell you otherwise he's a tall lanky skinny dude that if he didn't wear the right clothing he wouldn't look like a bad boy like he does now and one of his signature features is his shiny hair and he's a great example look at him with his hair is nice shiny versus when it is shine you could do that at home too all you need is some sort of pomade pomades are made to give you a high shine and luster to your hairstyle so you're going to want to get a rid of the pace or the clays or not use it for this specific look and instead switch over to a pomade that's gonna give you a shiny hair style it's gonna make you look slick and number four I think you see this coming already but it's a no-brainer you need to wear a leather jacket and other jackets it's just like the top tier when it comes to looking like a bad boy again Dez is a great example of this but it doesn't matter how skinny you are when you wear a leather jacket if it fits right you're just gonna look like a bad like a cool dude that you know he doesn't get flustered with styles and Trevor boots I'm trying to tell you the truth here

when you wear boots you just look cooler boots in general like the leather jacket
adds to the aesthetic of ruggedness as to that workwear aesthetic of a dude dad puts in the work a dude that doesn't get flustered with styles and trends like the regular sneakerheads dude that's what makes you look cool that's what makes you look not chill luck finally number six stick to dark colors you want to avoid your styles and your trends out of any joy meaning get rid of all the bright colors if you're looking for that cool or bad-boy aesthetic even if you're not a cool guy or you're just a super nice guy you can give the appearance of being that cool guy by having a more simple monochromatic wardrobe

this doesn't mean be boring you can wear multiple shades of grey-black navy and white that gives you really awesome outfits that are still complex still stylish but since you voted it of any color it makes you look cool for some reason it makes you look slick just to give you a quick example go to google
right now or even on Pinterest and type in bad boy style and just look at the color palette that automatically pops up almost every outfit inspiration that comes into your feet is gonna be a monochromatic dark color because this is the easiest way to look like a bat and that's basically it for this week's video guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did don't forget to drop us a like down
below also boys don't forget like I said everything is sold out in trade black except aviators which is good news for you because if you're trying to look like a bad boy I click that link down below before they go as well that's it for me today

 see you next time

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