7 Hacks to Know If Clothing Fits Just RIGHT | "FIT" Tricks Men MUST Know

look man here's the reality I've talked to you about the importance of having clothing that fits just right you already know that but the truth is that while I wish I could be with you while you're there shopping I physically can't there's too many of you but I can't be there with you in your heart enough with that motion bullcrap the truth is that I can be with you they're in your head giving you tips that you can recreate in your head to know if that particular item actually fits you right today I'm  gonna give you seven hacks that you can run through with any piece of clothing that you own whether it's in your  wardrobe already or whether you're shopping to know if this piece of clothing fits you properly if that

let's hop into number one let's talk about shirt length if you're wearing a button-down like I'm wearing right now you got two options you got button-downs I can be worn untucked like I'm wearing or bun downs that should be worn off in those are dress shirt now to know the proper length of each it's simple when it comes to simple button-downs they should be worn untucked just untuck the
button-down and look in the mirror that button now should end around midline of your crotch area so look at your crotch area and look at the midline if it ends there you're good to go if it's a dress shirt it's simple to throw on that dress shirt and then just stand comfortably that shirt line should end anywhere between your two knuckles if that shirt ends anywhere between your two knuckles the length is good enough and this is a dress shirt and you can wear it tucked in number two the neck fits so the fit of your neck is also eq ually important because there's gonna be days that you're gonna want to wear it with the tie when that day comes you don't want a shirt that fits so loose that looks like your mommy dressed you with your older brothers clothing you want something that fits properly and when you wear it right it actually makes you look more attractive now you also don't want something that's too tight that's gonna be choking you all day and cutting blood circulation and oxygen to reach your head which by the way it's happening so you want an intermediate something that fits snug but comfortable enough that  you can fit two fingers in your neck if you can do this the neck on this shirt fits you perfectly if you can't it's time to either size down or size up now I'm not gonna be a hypocrite and lie to you some of these tests I don't even do it myself anymore because with technology nowadays you don't need to I'll give you a great example this shirt is from our sponsor tailor store it's one of my favorites stores when it comes to custom dress shirts but the reality is that they have so much technology nowadays that I don't have to do this so for example they have
an app this app is the size of me app you can download it on the App Store it's completely free and you can see exactly what I'm talking about this freakin app is so technologically advanced that you can lay it on a wall stand about two to three feet apart and just follow the prompts what its gonna basically do it's gonna build a 3d scan or 3d render of your body and using the proprietary technology it can measure out your body with the camera on your phone that's how advanced we are now and from there it can build a shirt specifically for your body that's gonna fit you perfectly and you no longer have to be worrying if it fits right or not and what scares most awesome custom is the thought that you're gonna have to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom piece while usually before you would have to pay two to three hundred dollars for even one custom shirt with Taylor store you're paying what you would pay

that at H&M; for a shirt that's higher quality and made for you and on top of that if you guys download the app which is completely free to download you can go through the whole process for free then at the end if you guys want to check it out they're gonna give you a 40% discount which is insane considering Black Friday deals are right now so this is the time to split and if you're an existing customer like myself they're not gonna forget about you either they're gonna hook you up with a 20% discount off your entire order so if you are an existing customer and you love Taylor store go and pick yourself up four or five different shirts because they're giving you a great deal as well because like I said they're already affordable sure as they are with that discount it makes it a no brainer number four using the forearm test so there's gonna be some times you're gonna be shopping in stores that you're not gonna actually, want to go into the fitting room take your shoes off take your pants up and try on different pants but you want to know if they're actually gonna fit you right well that's when you implement the forearm test this is when you grab the pants and put your form inside the waist of the pant if the pen fits comfortably around the forearm these pants are gonna fit and this is because our bodies are the purport the length of our wave number five the suit Walt
 test so here's another test for you to figure out if that suit fits you properly so out of all the fits on a
suit jacket the most important one is your shoulders anything else on a suit jacket can be fixed pretty easily but your shoulders is a very expensive thing that only skilled tailors can do meaning that when
you buy a suit off the rack make sure it fits you in the shoulders everything else can be altered so a test for this is the wall test when you throw a suit on you want to go to a wall and make sure that both the tip of the shoulder of the suit and your shoulder itself hit the wall at the same time if either the
suit hits first that means that that suits too big for you as a shoulder or two what if your shoulders hit first that means that suit is too short for you and you need a size number six this one is for short t-shirt I don't know about you guys but there's nothing more annoying than buying a t-shirt infra-red
to end up shrinking or not fitting properly that anytime you reach up to get something or stretch your midriff is showing nobody here signed up for a crop top you just feel so emasculated when that breeze hits your belly button you're going to want to throw that t-shirt on and then just reach your arms above you when you do if your midriff is still covered this is a shirt that you should pick up you should usually want that midriff to be covered for about an inch to an inch and a half to give your
room that way when you do wash your shirt and it shrinks a little bit it's still gonna cover your major and it's not gonna be too short finally number seven I call it the squat test this you use mostly for jeans but can work for chinos as well the truth is that people have been legit hospitalized for blood
circulation problems from Jesus bit too tight I want to save your thighs boys and the last thing you want is to wear denim that's too tight that makes you look like a sausage and leaves you at the hospital so to test th is next time you buy jeans and throw them on you want to pop a squat when you do you notice the tightness in the thighs if you can't even pop the squat you want to put those jeans back in size up one or two sides and that's basically it for this week's video guys those are seven bit tests that you can run to see if your clothing fits you properly like I promised you boys well I might not be with you there physically shopping next time you do I'll be in there in your head if you guys liked this video and found that informative don't forget to drop us I like that below also don't forget to check out our sponsor Taylor store boys if you guys want to check out amazing custom dress shirts they're gonna be linked down below as well that's it for me today

 see you next time

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