7 MOST Common Men's Grooming Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

you know what's interesting boys society has labeled us as dirty pigs that we
don't take care of ourselves we're not hygienic in society and girls
want hygienic males that know how to properly groom themselves but the sad
the part is that nobody teaches us this stuff I can't remember my dad sitting
with me and telling me all the stuff that I need to do to properly grew myself
can you here's the saddest part most of this simple stuff you're probably doing wrong today I'm gonna highlight the 7 grooming mistakes most dudes are making in their daily routine and how you

should fix them if that sounds interesting

it's up in number one not scrubbing your whole body you know who you are you're
hop in the shower scrub any area that's easily accessible that doesn't cause a
a lot of stress and that's about it then you just let the soapy water run through
the rest of your body thinking this is enough to cleanse your body you don't
however, remember to scrub areas like your crotch
your butthole or your feet the Harvard tons of sweat and nasty bacteria now not
only is dangerous but also stinks so you got to remember to take some time and
actually, scrub these areas to make sure they're hygienic and always smelling fresh number two
no, no boys the nastiness does not stop here you got dudes that are showering
with the same bar soap for months on end, I know damn well that most of you have
this thin sliver of slope that's probably filled with the hair on the
corner of your bathroom that bar of soap has been proven by studies to harbor
dangerous bacteria like e-coli staff and even epidermis this is exactly why I

choose to rather shower with the body wash this one from Dollar Shave Club
smells amazing and the one that I'd probably recommend to you guys because
it's a mint cedarwood scent that not only is refreshing and hydrating to your
skin but you end up walking out that shower smelling like a masculine stuff
these Dollar Shave Club shower washes are very relatively inexpensive meaning
you're not gonna be spending any more than what you would spend on a bar of
soap and the best part yet it doesn't Harbor the bacteria than a bar of soap
duck number three as a man not learning how to use tweezers and the reality is
that no tweezers aren't just for girls and this is something that you
as a dude, we'll probably need to use so you don't end up looking like Anthony
Davis proper eyebrow care is important and no you don't want to over pluck to
the point that you look like a girl but yes you want to at least take care of
that unibrow because that ends up looking dirty now how to use tweezers is
most of them will come with the slanted edge that's slanted edges what you want
up against the skin because this is going to give you the greatest area of
coverage and also the best grip on your hair so you can quickly do this and
effectively do it turning it around could be quite dangerous and this is

when the pitching comes and pitching yourself with tweezers is a pain that I
want to recommend on any number for not trimming in between your haircuts
hey I'm gonna be completely honest with you guys growing up I didn't have the
money to go to the barbershop every two weeks to have that Chris fate even
little Jose middle school me knew that that wasn't an excuse to look like a bum
so I saved up money and ended up buying a straightedge razor and even learn how
to properly use that up against my skin as a little dude and learn how to edge
myself in between cuts so I can have a fresh haircut or at least the illusion
of a fresh haircut even when I wasn't going to the barbershop now that I've
grown up I much rather recommend a trimmer because the trimmer is safer to
use and easier to learn verses a straightedge there's kind of a learning

curve where you could cut yourself severely, however, a simple trick which is
a trim up around the ears on the sideburns and on your neck will quickly
clean up your haircut to make it look fresh or at least freshen up to the
the point that you don't look like a dirty home number five the dude that uses a
bar of soap on his face I already told you how bad this bar of soap is now
imagine putting this bar of soap on your face and now you're putting all that
dirty gunk of soap on your face while also over-drying your skin because of that
soap is too harsh for your sensitive face all of this irritation all of the
skin imperfection is coming because you're not properly taking care of your
skin and mostly because you're using that type of soap on your face if you
want perfect skin you need to do the bare minimum and at least buy a fac
wash that was made for your face the daily face cleanser from the Dollar

Shave Club is perfect for this it's a smooth hydrating citrus ginger blend
that purifies the skin without over-drying it and this is exactly why I
love our sponsor Dollar Shave Club don't let it come
using boys Daanish a club doesn't just do shaving products and as a dude this
is kind of like a lifesaver because put the Dollar Shave Club they all get
delivered to my door every single month right when I need them it's actually
cheaper and also easier because it gets delivered to your door you create your
own bundle that gets delivered at the rate that you need it to be delivered to
your door their face wash their body wash are two of my favorite products
that I recommend you start out with just to see how amazing it is and the massive
the difference is going to do on your grooming routine and on your skin versus
using that dirty bar of soap those two products alone are gonna change your
grooming game forever not to mention you're gonna be smelling amazing now

Dollar Shave Club has tons of products and I honestly recommend you try them all
everything from oral care to skincare to hair care and even of course shaving
the product when you click the link down below like I said you can choose
different trial boxes whether it's oral care box their bestsellers their shaving
products or their new products that they just released from their fresher
the collection that trial kit is only five bucks plus free shipping which means
it's the cost of a cup of coffee for a whole box full of grooming products
after that, it's only a few bucks a month depending on what you end up choosing
and you can cancel at any time so there is no commitment or you can put it on
pause if you guys want to check out the Dollar Shave go to completely revamp
your grooming game there's gonna be a link down below check out that special
offer it's only five bucks plus free shipping so there's nothing to lose
number six a dude that doesn't use a moisturizer
now most dudes are are a victim to this or maybe it's just me but the worst part
is that skipping this grooming step it's an unforgivable sin if you're a dark
colored dude like myself your elbows your knees in the sides of your mouth I
end up looking like a homeless crackhead because of how Ashley my skin gets even
my light-colored friends, you cannot skip on a moisturizer I don't nobody taught you
this but it's something you gotta do not only will your skin look rejuvenated but
you'll also look more hygienic you won't look like a crack hit any final boys

number seven something nobody ever taught us is applying the odorant before

putting on your shirt do it wrong and you end up with the odor and stains that
again just make you look dirty messy you want to put your shirt on first and then
apply the dirt doing that simple change upon your grooming routine can have
massive benefits and that's basically it for this week's meter guys those are seven grooming
steak's most dudes are making in their daily routine and how to fix if you guys
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