7 Subtle Signs Others Think You’re Attractive

I don't know about you guys but growing up sometimes I feel like I would love to be able to be in someone else's head we spent countless hours of our days
getting ready in the mornings shopping for new gear just to impress our friends and watching this kind of vids all to make sure we feel good about ourselves and others find us attractive and by others, I really mean that pretty girl you like yet all that effort goes to waste because when you put it into
the action you have no ideals what others are thinking they could either like what they see

wow he's attractive or she could think you're the ugliest thing she's ever seen and she'll never give you a chance why is he even talking to me his mouth so stupid yours isn't either and here's the thing guys I don't ever want you to be stuck in limbo wondering if your crush or others find you attractive so today I'm gonna hook you up I'm gonna show you
exactly what you need to be looking out for to know if others think you're hot they stand 1.6 feet away from you how often do you actually try to get closer to somebody that you dislike almost never according to the average personal space that's from the United States sample yes that's the thing you require 3.1 feet of personal space if it's a stranger

two-point three feet if it's an acquaintance and one point six feet if it's more intimate you see what's going on here this is exactly what you want to see when you're looking good you're looking on point you're producing good vibes in a conversation what you're gonna notice is the space between her
and you didn't tighter and tighter what that means for you is that you must be a handsome stud you earn more have you noticed that you make more money than your friends or peers even if it's the same position that could actually be a good thing because it means that it's probably because you're extra good-looking I'm not just pulling this out of my butt I didn't just make this up there's a key an economist a famous economist that's known as the father of Pokhran ah MCC's the dude pretty much studies beauty and economics and how beauty affects you in the real world his name is Daniel Hammer mesh he wrote a book on how handsome men on average earn about 10% more than their friends he's also the editor in chief of the Institute of future of Labor he graduated with his Ph.D. from Yale and him has lectured at over 230 universities so professor Hammer mesh you're after referred to as the father of Parana MCC's pretty much the economics of beauty and although that's a broad topic
in and of itself I think the main question at hand here is why is it that
attractive people earn more than their uglier friends even with the same skills

just better for Reproductive purposes and that carries over to our view of them in everyday life and so companies  think that by hiring beautiful people they'll be able to sell more their other workers will like working with the beautiful people and even the manager would rather have a beautiful coworker
then an ugly co-worker, they feel better about it for reasons leftovers in the ancient past, that's so true a lot of people never actually think of that so would you argue that because of this
because of this reality are our innate nature is it smart for an individual to then invest and try to become more~attractive in order to earn more through life and difference is that number of studies showing that while taking better dressing better using plastic surgery might make us look younger there's very little we can do to really basically affect others view of our looks so for that reason I don't think that's a great investment it certainly doesn't pay off economically doesn't mean you shouldn't do it doesn't mean we don't do it to make ourselves happier we do but in terms of having an economic effect allowing us to earn more get more promotions to know the impact is very very
small if you're bothered about being bad looking which I used to be a nut anymore

you should invest some the things you're good at whatever that may be and take advantage of those, unfortunately, there's very very little you can do to make yourself sufficiently better-looking to justify anything you might do to do that okay but I think that's gonna shed a lot of light for a lot of people
on how to watch that actually is gonna benefit them in the long term when it comes to earning more all right professor however I should catch you next time well that was interesting I want to be honest with you guys my view on life isn't as me and I think you would know that I'm an optimist and I tell you all the time there are things that you and I can both do to look more attractive that's what I believe and I think other people see that as well if you look at celebrities like your Kylie Jenner or your Cristiano Ronaldo the before and afters after the plastic surgery that cosmetics and all they do
to look better is drastic and now they're seen as some of the most attractive people in the world and they reap all the benefits this is why I tell you all the time that putting an effort is actually valuable
and the great thing is that we don't actually have to do plastic surgery to restructure our face you can do something as simple as putting a pair of frames on your face that's symmetrical that balances your face shape and makes it looks more attractive doing something like this helps you out if you look at
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your lips almost as if we would wish we could taste the other person you see
boys, you do this all the time especially men when you see something you like you
open your mouth and you're drooling women are exactly the same if you see a
pretty girl and you locked eyes with her and she does the same thing you can only
imagine what's going through her head and it's positive
heads up yes even head positions can determine if someone likes you when you
walk into a room people's heads tilt up to look at you this is a subtle sign
they find you attractive especially if they hold that position you see that
causes an unnatural strain in your neck it's uncomfortable but if somebody's
forcing themselves to be in that position to catch a view that could be a
massive positive in your end you're willing to try new things people that
are hot or attractive are people that are well rounded I've said this time and

time again they look like they're always just having a good time
which means you're someone people want to hang around with just the fact that
you're always down for whatever trying new experiences and always following the
thrill and the excitement gives you an attractive quality that most don't have
as you know symmetry is the key to attractiveness meaning if you could test
to see if your face is metrical you'll know if you're more attractive than you
think you are so an easy way to test the symmetry of your face is the next time
that you see that stud staring back at you as you brush your teeth if he is as
handsome as the dude on your license or on your passport you could be on to
something good raising of eyebrows this is something
that almost all of us do when we see something that interests us or are
attracted to we do it subconsciously and unless you know about it it's almost
impossible to stop it our body does this without us thinking as a way to make our
eyes wider and allow more light in to be able to see more clearly what we want to
see so if you see their eyebrows raise and fall like ours do they think you're
attractive the truth is guys all of you are beautiful and you're just in your
heads about how attractive you think you are how others
and let's be honest since your crush will never be upfront with you about
what they really feel you can use these tactics to know what they're really
thinking that's it for this week's really I hope you enjoyed it if you
liked this short style of video with a lot of editing again go ahead and
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