8 Grooming "Hacks" That Are A COMPLETE LIE

I'm tired of it I'm tired of all the bullcrap that's online that are feeding to you that you know damn well it doesn't work well at least I know and I don't want my TMF am falling for that trap okay I'm a little bit salty because well I tried a lot of these and it didn't work for me so I was like what the hell I got lied to and I don't want you to ever feel that way so today I'm gonna go over the top eight grooming hacks or tips that you hear all the time or you've been told by your father there
 are a complete lot that sounds interesting

well let's happen one using toothpaste to remove hair this one I just doubled upon when I was reading online I've seen it several time especially in those DIY and hack channels you see all over YouTube so I was like hey what the hell why not give it a shot think about it how cool would that be and the results are in it's a flop complete pool two  undershirts are gonna stop your yellow pit stain absolutely
not now undershirts will make you look more hygienic because it does stop the sweat from seeping through to your dresser the understood takes the bullet but it's not actually stopping the yellow pit stains there is actually a deeper root cause and that is your the order what most don't know is that
antiperspirant are packed with aluminum that aluminum mixed with your sweat oxidizes and creates that yellow stain think of it as rust so for you to actually remove yellow pit stains for good you have to use the order ins that don't have illumine umber 3 when it comes to cleansers the false concept that the more it suds up the more its work however you might as will be using down soap on your face because all that~studying all that means is that it's super strong at cutting through grease well it's so strong that it completely cuts out all the oils in your face even the healthy ones that you need more grooming line taking pictures to your barber to get a better haircut this one I've heard all the time and well I have even been guilty enough telling you guys because I used to believe it myself but what I come to realize is the truth if your barber is trash your haircut will always be crap no matter how many pictures you show him because he's just not skilled and so many guys are stuck with the same barbers that are really not helping them evolve or telling them what they should be doing with their
type of hairstyle and experience barber will be able to consult with you and give you advice based on your hair type one that doesn't know what it's doing will give you the same haircut for years and never help you laugh 5 using toothpaste for zits this is another one that well again I used to believe and because when I was a teen I would do that but through further research I found out that it's just not safe so it's not so much that it doesn't work because toothpaste actually does dry out the zit but keep in mind that toothpaste was made for your teeth and not your skin so it over drives it out creating damage to the skin that  is completely on watch sakes spray on more fragrance and attract more girl that's a lot remember less is mo re and with fragrance it's no different because you want this the scent on you to be faint and on that you're gonna actually draw girls in they're gonna catch a light wave from you as they pass by and be curious of what smells so good and they'll wants to draw closer to get a better win and just like that boom you got her versus you drowning a bottle of cologne and her being able to smell you two to three miles away seven only wash your hair two to three times a week and again there's one that I'm guilty but it is sort of true for 98% of the population you should only wash your hair that often because it's not you're gonna strip it and dry it out but I have met guys and I have receipts emails from guys that their hair is overly oily so if they don't wash their hair every day their hair's gonna be a grease monster if that's the case for you you can wash your hair everyday just make sure you're conditioning it afterwards every single day and that the shampoo you're using is a light one and something that's gentle not something that that's cheap and it's gonna overly dry it out or too harsh on the hair finally number eight using hand lotion as a conditioner there's another

the hack that I heard and one that I probably won't recommend to you guys again the hand lotion was created for your hand conditioner was created for your hair both of which have completely different properties my suggestion is if you're out of conditioners just skip that day of conditioning your hair and go to the drugstore and buy yourself some conditioner versus using a product that's packed with ingredients that weren't meant for your scalp that's basically it for today's video guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did don't forget to drop us a like down below also don't forget to check out our sponsors teach handling you guys wanna check them out they're gonna be linked down below
as well that's it for me today see you next time

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