How To Wake Up Early And Be A Morning Person

now there is no better feeling than waking up early in the morning and you being the one that snoozes that clock and you're just jumping out of bed the sense of control and the feeling of I'm gonna make this day my female dog is a

feeling that transcends through everything else and that day but boys the confidence of becoming an early riser it's easier said than done and today I'm gonna give you the six tips that you need to put into action now so you can become a morning person and get up early that sounds interesting what's up into number one super important you have to prepare the night before the key to be an early riser is to be an early sleeper an average adult they need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night and I know I get it you're probably gonna get haters and your friends making fun of you that you have a bedtime well let's be real aren't you the smart immature one that actually knows and understands the benefits of going to sleep early and then you chose to do so and do it not to mention let's be honest what actual.
productive or beneficial thing do you do  or your friends do after 9 or 10 o'clock at night almost nothing exactly so you doing this going to sleep early choosing to do so is gonna set you up to be the one that's actually laughing good the one that's having the last laugh because when you're successful
they're gonna still be playing Madden 27 number two you have to booby-trap your alarm because one simple alarm that you can just easily snooze while you're half asleep and they ain't gonna cut it at first I have my room triggered within along where not only do all the lights just start turning on but my blinds go up and usually just start blasting not only is it a hard wake-up call that's gonna first your wake you up but I also have to physically get up and shut off each single thing that is me booby-trapping my alarm there's also other apps that you can download on your phone that work the same way there's an app for example you have to solve a complicated math problem while you're half asleep in the morning to be able to shut off the blazing alarm most of us who will probably wake up after that math problem number three have a reason you need a reason a why you're getting up early or else I promise you you're going to fail at this proper.
motivation is necessary now whether that's because you want more time in the day go to the gym and get shredded or simply you just want outwork your competition when you have a solid reason you're just gonna hop out of bed because you're just gonna be excited to be able to tackle that goal and get one step closer use this time to win you see the point of getting out of the bed early like I just mentioned you need a reason why so you want to use it to win when you actually make that decision to get out of bed that's your first win of the day we'll.

use this momentum to keep winning almost like a snowball effect and set the course through the day whether that's choosing to now go to the gym knowing that 99% of the population is still
sleeping or expanding your knowledge and becoming more successful on your side hustle or hobby either-or you're gonna get immense benefits so if you want to start with that my recommendation you
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 the same I'm taking a product management course on Skillshare where it just shows me kind of tips and tricks that I can do to more efficiently manage my workflows to achieve my goals with five different companies we have projects running constantly and I need her to learn how to be more productive so I took a class and you can as well you guys can click the link down below and get your first two months of Skillshare completely free which is insane after that if you guys decide to stay on skill shift membership start as low as ten bucks and you're gonna be joining a community of over seven million users that are on  Skillshare constantly becoming better it's gonna be as expensive as Netflix except this is gonna pay you vibe you need to prepare the room once you've made the conscious choice in your head that you're going to start going to sleep early and waking up early you need to go and make the changes your room.

needs to make sure that not only you get a good night's rest but you can fall asleep fast the first thing you need to do is make sure you get rid of all electronic devices one to two hours prior your bedtime meaning your cell phone your tablet your computer you have to get rid of it most of the stuff emits
a blue light that messes with your internal body clock that's why at night you can't go to sleep because you can't stop scrolling in your head that it still thinks it's sunlight outside so you either put these items away you've blue light blocking lenses or put it in night mode you'll also want it to be the
right temperature I've talked about this before where there have been several studies that suggest that the right.
temperature to go to sleep is anywhere from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit right in that chill spot that's when your body tends to relax and you go to sleep faster and finally number six make sure your morning is simple sometimes for most of us the thought of everything you have to do in the mornings is the exact same reason why it's keeping you in bet you don't want to roll out and have to do all the chores you have to do in the morning before heading out this is why you want to keep your morning as simple as possible meaning pre-plan your outfits a day before that way when you wake up you already know what you're wearing you don't have to be struggling to make a simple hearty breakfast.

I've been eating the exact same breakfast for the last about year and a half because I know it takes me about 15 minutes to cook and eat I know what macronutrients it has I know the calories it has it's easy six eggs a bagel turkey bacon my coffee Oh J and a banana every single day for the last year because that streamlines my morning and I can do it with ease and that's basically for this week's video guys
those are six tips that I use in my personal life to be able to be an early morning person and get up fast if you guys liked this video and found it informative don't forget to drop us a like down below also don't forget to check out our sponsor Skillshare they're gonna be linked down below as well
that's it for me today see you next time.

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