10 Grooming Trends That Should DIE in 2020

so many dudes are just now hopping into grooming trends that happened back in 2012 and women find them annoying find them ugly and well lame today I'm gonna go over the top men's grooming trends  that are happening now that women absolutely hate that sounds interesting lets up into him by the way if you don't care what women think then well this video is probably not for you but for most guys that will want to impress their crush this article it'll be for you something

number one a lot of crazy four five-six inches on their hair to look better the reality is that you look
like Jimmy Neutron and it looks unnatural unproportional and it makes guys with big heads like me look like  they have bigger head from doing my interview conversation with women that I
did a video a few months ago and speaking in the back end a lot of them were telling me the same thing they just love a guy that looks polished like when I tell you all the time guy that looks high-status this is why  that madman helped hairstyle which is like your classic side part is still so attractive even though it's been a hundred years since that style has been in play 

number two messy hair it had a fun run and sometimes while you're having a casual day that you don't want to do your hair it's called for but the truth is again most women want dudes that actually take time to in to do their hair that makes their hair look polished very few dudes can actually rock the bedhead look most women when I ask them about this they said they prefer a guy that uses a little bit of clay a little bit of pomade and looks like they took the time to style their hair whatever is your particular style

number three-putting makeup on personally I'm gonna be honest with you I got no beef with it and it's actually a pretty good treatment for spot treatment like if you have a little blemish or is it you want to hide quickly but when I was talking to a girl and they put this into perspective I'm gonna be honest with you I can see why they think it's a turn-off imagine you're having a hell of a night
like you freaking turned this girl on this girl she is sexually attracted to you so the point that you guys are making out in the car now it's going good it's getting hot and heavy and all of a sudden she looks at her right shirt or blouse that she was wearing and it's covered with foundation and it ain't here I'm gonna be honest with you that's an image that girl's not gonna erase from her mind before having a lot of hair down there in that rhyme it's a sign then you should get it rid of your carpet that women hate should be told having a lot of hair down there is a turn-off and it hides your little caterpillar in a bush making it look tinier which is unattractive boys manscaping is seriously important even if you know damn well you're not gonna get lucky manscaping gives you a confidence from down below that makes you feel like a boss all day feeling you're a breeze hit your balls because it can actually reach that don't be like your dad or your grandpa that probably never manscaped a day in his life and
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it's more affordable than it's ever been they're also gonna give you a free top kit which is perfect for the gift cuz that way you can carry everything you need in there the top gets 40 bucks anybody else Oh makes sure you're doing the right grooming routine if you guys want to check out manscape boys they're gonna be linked up five boys the dreaded chin strap on top of them just being completely outdated the biggest problem with chin strap beards is that they almost always give the illusion of dudes looking like they have a double check and if you already have a double chin that chin strap here is just gonna be there as this big yellow flashing sign to look over here I've got a bunch of
baby fat under my neck boys beards are your makeup forget real makeup this is your real makeup you're a natural makeup that you can use to structure your face to look more masculine and cover any
imperfections which means you want it to grow fully and all you want to do is trim to keep that natural line making it look unnatural it's gonna make you look unnatural as well and give you a double chin for six strong fragrances so there's a trend right now we're strong fragrances and boobs are becoming really popular but what I've noticed I've been asking tons of females this and giving
them examples they actually don't dig fragrances that are super strong oddly enough they like your vanilla fragrances your light fragrances that aren't
overpowering and it makes sense women are delicate creatures anything that's too aggressive will turn them off 7 the uppercut you look like a boy because if you go to any middle school right now if
I 98% of them are wearing uppercuts because that's a trend that died about 4 years ago but you're still on it at this point boys like I said there is a shift and move into a more classical type of grooming meaning your haircut should be more dapper more mature think of a tape or a fade something where you actually have some hair on the side or that cut from no hair to hair isn't as aggressive and it's more of a smooth transition

number 9 big beards this is another one where again I talked to a lot of them you probably saw my video on the most girls don't like guys with massive beards another popular grooming trend that happened about four years ago massive lumberjack style beards were popping like four years ago
every dude wanted them because it was a sign of testosterone at this point no girl wants to kiss a carpet what you're looking for is it's a healthy balance a balance where you could tell that you
could grow a big beard because the good test is running through your blood but you're not actually growing a full freaking on your mouth that girls are gonna end up coughing a dust bunnies all of your
beard hair finally

number 10 some crazy 15 step skincare routine for some reason men are going to a shift where they're adding more and more and more and more to the skincare routine and adding more products to their face that is really unnecessary they're taking it to the extreme where guys are taking so much time and their skincare routine that they're spending 40 minutes to an hour in the bathroom and trust me, boys, you don't need all those products you just need the basics your cleanser your moisturizer your scrub this is what men need to make sure their skin looks on point believe me once she sees that
you're stealing her products and it's not her girlfriend that actually borrowed them she's gonna feel some type of way and it ain't gonna be positive that's it for me  I hope you enjoyed it as well that's
it for me today see you next

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