10 Shoe Hacks That Will Change Your Life

holy crap you guys saw how many shoes that I got I got a lot of shoes and well through all the shoes that I've collected throughout my lifetime I've come to learn certain hacks that you can
do to protect your shoes to increase longevity to make them look better and to make them feel more comfortable today I'm gonna show you 10 shoe hacks you've probably never in your life have you heard of this shoe hat after I give you these shoe hacks it's gonna be like a like an  Enlightenment period in your life where everything is just gonna come to a blossom your eyes are  gonna be open your life will be changed damn that sounded like a cult if you guys are interested

let's happen number one use antibacterial wipes to clean your shoes now if you get a fresh clean wiper kick which I have like 12 of them I've come to realize that for them to look crispy I need to be prepared to have alcohol wipes with me at all times and let's say on a first date or I had somewhere important to be that I wanted them to look good I just pull one of those wipes out and quickly wipe down my shoe and the alcohol does a great job of removing all the surface level stains almost instantly never to wash them in the washing machine now you've probably heard of the hack of washing your shoes in a washing machine before now this only usually works for canvas or some
sort of cotton material shoe that you can actually wash in the washing machine so a quick hack that you can do is while you should wash it the same way in the washing machine when you throw it in the dryer hang the shoes by the shoelaces this way the heat from the dryer will dry the shoes but the tumbling won't affect or deteriorate your sneaker

number 3 use coconut oil to nourish your leather shoes now if you got leather white sneakers like I do which is abundant or dress shoes and loafers like I do you want to do is grab a little bit of coconut oil you probably have some in your pantry and lightly apply it on all your leather shoes this is going to
nourish the leather hydrated again and give it that original luster that it once had when you got it fresh out of the shoebox 

number four add candle wax to make your shoes waterproof so if you got canvas shoes like these and you want to protect them against the weather especially now that it's snowing you can make them waterproof using a candlestick grabs a candlestick and rub it on the shoe as much as you can to rub some of that wax onto the shoe then grabbing a blow-dryer put it on high heat and blow-dry the shoe with really high heat to kind of let that wax melt onto the canvas itself then just let them sit there and cool down what's gonna happen is that now you're gonna have a waterproof shoe that it doesn't matter
what elements your and now here's the interesting thing with this sneaker now this one is from response to nothing new but this sneaker in particular on top of it looking super stylish its carbon-neutral now what this means is that for every sneaker that I buy I have about four pairs of these five-point six bottles of plastic or repurposed and over a hundred sixty gallons of water are saved which is why I freaking love these shoes I wish more people bought these shoes honestly there's statistics stating that in 30 years there's gonna be more plastic in the ocean than animals in the ocean that's as severe as it's getting and brands like nothing new are trying to change that and they're doing so by recycling this material so not only are they cleaning the ocean they're repurposing it and putting it on
our feet and making us look good with it on top of that they do not skimp on quality as you can see these sneakers in and of themselves they look amazing I've had it for about six months now and
they're still holding its paces now the good thing with these sneakers, in particular, is that they're made with true stitch construction with the true stitch construction that they have they don't start falling apart from the heels like cheap sneakers do and even when they do for whatever reason let's say they do or after three-four or five years that you've just completely worn them out you still don't even have to throw them away what they're basically doing is that they're gonna buy them back from you to ensure that their company stays carbon neutral so instead of you're just throwing the shoes away and adding to the problem they'll buy them back from you giving you a $20 credit that you can
use under new pair of sneakers then they'll grab those shoes recycle them to make them new again and again you've got nothing new on your feet which is genie now if you guys want to check them out the nothing news gonna be linked down below they also have high tops and low tops and multiple colorways and also itself for both men and women if you guys want to check out nothing you buy yourself a pair by yourself multiple pairs or buy some for your family there's gonna be a link down
below go ahead and check them out I promise you they're gonna change your life

number five used baking soda and vinegar as a cleaning agent now a lot of times you think that
to go to Amazon and buy a $60 cleaning kit now while those are amazing you could go to your kitchen cabinet grab some vinegar grab some baking soda and these two natural ingredients have tons
of cleaning properties built-in on themselves and when you mix them together build a strong cleaning agent that you can use on your sneakers to remove a lot of the dirt and the grime making them look almost brand new

number six use panty liners to absorb the sweat of course and other bad odor and it starts emitting these putrid fumes which is what you smell and your stinky shoe well you can elongate the freshness of your shoes by using panty liners just absorb a heavy Flo I'm sure they can handle your sweaty

 number seven use sandpaper or slippery shoes now if you've ever bought dress  shoes like real
men shoes you'll know that a lot of them are built with leather soles and they can be very slippery which could be dangerous now an easy hack for this to combat this is to grab some sandpaper and sand the leather shoe itself to give it that effective almost like as if you've been wearing them for years this is gonna create traction and grip on your shoes to assure that you don't slip and fall for eight use tea bags on stinky shoes personally I love green tea is probably the best just because it leaves such a refreshing clean smell in your closet in your shoes but if you ever walk into your closet
and it smells like crap chances are it's your shoes that are the problem now to absorb and get rid of all that putrid smell you can use teabags the tea will naturally absorb all that and when you throw them away or you the next time you use the shoe you're gonna notice they have a fresh green tea smell

number nine I call it the shoe tree rotation yes shoe trees are crucial for shoes but it doesn't mean you need one for every shoe one to two pairs is most more than
you rotate them ideally every time you wear a pair of shoes you're gonna want to put a  pair of shoe trees in there at least for 24 hours this allows the shooter to absorb the moisture the natural cedar will leave a refreshing smell and the shoe tree itself will extend the shoe to its natural shape to try to remove some of the fine lines and wrinkles and your shoe then next time you wear them your shoes are fresh then you wear a new pair when you wear those you take them off and put the shoe cheese again and let them sit for 24 hours again you only need one pair and I call it the shoe tree rotation finally
number 10 when you travel to use your shoes as storage a lot of times when you travel you you have to be efficient with space you don't have a lot of it to wait so what you want to do is inside your shoes instead of just leaving them empty you want to stuff them with your underwear with your accessories with your watches with your sunglasses these make great compartments for little things to keep
them in one spot while also being efficient with your space so you can fit and that's basically it for this week's guys those are 10 shoe hacks you've probably never heard of that I know I know I just changed your life as well that's it for me today see you next time

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