10 Signs You're Actually a Genius (Intelligence Test)

have you ever thought of yourself as dumb or stupid just because maybe you go to sleep late or you don't get good grades or you can't focus or maybe you hate small talk or you're always procrastinating and all of this stuff has piled up and you've thought to yourself man I'm kind of dumb I'm gonna yourself man I'm kind of dumb I'm gonna be completely blunt with you boys you're not you actually could be borderline a genius if you experienced any of that or any of the nine signs that I'm about to
go over with you right now you could be smarter than you actually think you are so if that sounds interesting

 number one you're a loner smart or intelligent people don't have the energy to want to please other social this is why naturally you're very individualistic and this is researched back as well because it suggests that smarter people tend to derive less satisfaction than normal people do from hanging out with friends

number two you procrastinate a lot you probably thought your whole life you  just probably weren't smart enough or didn't have the drive to do so but a warrant psychologist suggests differently he his name is Adam Grant suggests that procrastination is actually the key to innovation and people like Steve Jobs suffered from this stuff except that he uses strategically instead of letting  procrastination dictate his life what was found was that any time that Jobs was kind of putting things off and procrastinating the work at hand and was instead doodling he was creatively instead opening new possibilities and even coming up with divergent ideas to solve problems at hand

 number four you don't focus on trends but instead, focus on dressing effectively a lot  of smart
people do this including against Steve Jobs where they use clothing that yes looks good but it's also effective for  their position and them kind of use the same thing over and over and over again
they're not affected by trend since you're so smart and a genie you like being efficient in other words
you want to buy style basics and your wardrobe that don't require effort now that's smart and here's the beauty even if you're read this article and you're saying damn I'm still not a genius it doesn't mean you can't apply these tips to yourself and become smarter because this is something that anybody can build up start buying basics that don't require a lot of effort that are efficient for your style and then you can wear every day get the job done but also looks good I'm gonna give you a great example of this of probably one of the smartest things in men's work that you've never thought of your belt yes that's right your belt they're outdated they have holes if you think about it you have to always worry about mixing  and matching them they take forever to put on and off and then a smarter option came about for me that completely changed my view on belt and change them completely on how I wear them every day our sponsor ants and belt boys when I first tried them four years ago to me it was the smartest decision I've ever made and that's why I'm recommending them to you once you use this in your daily routine you're gonna feel smarter just cuz it's so efficient like you're gonna think anything else was just archaic these revolutionary belts don't have holes like your traditional belts and instead have incremental adjustments they have a track system in the back that incrementally adjust the belt every quarter edge and this is why it makes it genius when you were a regular belt you have these huge jumps in between homes that could be anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half sometimes you'll be in between holes and the belt will either be too tight or too loose with

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number five you're a night owl the ability to  work and be creative a night it's a sign Miami night owls are more creative since they have an unconventional method of working since others are sleepy this same mechanism allows them to find alternative solutions that others don't see

number six your left-hand left-handed people are rare out of them in our society and science is now saying that there may be a link between being left-handed and divergent thinking now in case you don't know divergent thinking is a way of thinking that it's effective at solving problems and tasks
and a creative way so in other words, left-handed people may be better and more creative at getting out of difficult or tough situations

 number seven if you get easily distracted you could be a genius and it just makes sense all that brain activity you have going on up there doesn't let you focus and then any slight change in your environment gets picked up by your brain and it easily distracts you

 number eight your job just bores you this is another sign that you just could be some martyr
then you are if you're in a boring job that you do the same thing over and over and over again and you're not getting any mental stimulation your brains not getting tickled and you're being constrained to something that's not showcasing your full potential and if that's the case boys then it's time to
do a career change that doesn't mean to automatically quit your job but instead that when you get home start researching and trying new things finding new hobbies looking at new things that
the interest you that tickle your brain and start investing your time at home and that makes that your side hobby then start growing and cultivating and growing and growing that once that grows enough to pay your bills then you can quit your job finally

 number nine your tolerance yes believe it or not in a study taller  kids on average scored higher on their IQ exams then they're shorter peers coincidentally in life those taller kids also ended up earning
more money so yes even your height could be a predictor of how smart you are now just as a quick clarification just because you might do any of these single one items or maybe all of them yes it
could mean that you're Einstein but it doesn't mean that you should continue doing them, for example, you shouldn't let procrastination getting distracted go to sleep like continue to happen because it's gonna infringe on how smart you are instead you potential and no then you're just as good as anybody else that you idolized online because you could do it too and that's basically for this week's  guys those are nine signs that if you do could mean that you're a potential genius  as well that's it for me today see you next time

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