5 Things That Will Make You More Interesting | STOP Being BORING

so don't you just hate boring people now there's nothing against them as a person but just a thought that you have to sit there it's just as excruciating us as watching paint dry you have to put in physical labor to get something interesting out of it now my biggest worry is that you, my brothers, are seen
as plain vanilla ice cream no no no no to avoid this today I'm gonna give you five tips so you can be a whole gallon in a pullet in ice cream people won't get enough of you if that sounds interesting it's happened to
5 Things That Will Make You More Interesting | STOP Being BORING
 number one you want to be open and talk to people this is hands-down the best and easiest way to become more interesting and even make your own personal life interesting every time you meet somebody new you get to experience new opinions new life experiences new perspective while also
developing your social skills and your charisma and if you're shy don't worry about it just start easy force yourself to greet and encounter with new people every day even if it's something as simple as saying hi eventually your shyness will go out the window and people are gonna start opening up to

numbers too you have to become visually more interesting for example get these two images to separate guys between these two guys just like the picture alone who do you think is a cooler dude
to get to know and hang around with a little bit and yes I know Johnny Depp does take it overboard but it is an over exaggerated example of what accessories can do in the message that they send sense visually or perspectively Johnny Depp has more going on with accessories it shows more of his personality he looks more of an outgoing guy and because of this consequently he looks more interesting even though he hasn't even opened his mouth well you could do the same thing if you listen to me boys you need to start caring about your accessories and the teachers that you wear that's why I recommend to you guys all the time to check out our sponsor rolls go to black the beauty of this is that unlike Johnny Depp you're not gonna take it overboard you're still gonna look good you're still gonna look stylish while still  being visually interesting and that's because with rose gold a black they do everything perfectly from the design pricing and fit let me explain the design it's super minimal something masculine for example his one of their bestsellers it's just a simple leather braided bracelet but just because you have it on all of a sudden you're stepped outside the box I'm a bunch of basic do then don't care about their style and since it's all black it goes with almost anything and it matches perfectly without you being obnoxious or flamboyant as for the price it's crazy affordable so affordable just for you guys because you're part of the family they have a special discount meaning anybody everybody else they don't get you you do if you click the link down you you do if you click the link down below that's gonna be a special web page a landing page where everything on the site it's already massively discounted for you meaning you don't even have to put in a discount code and you're getting high-quality accessories at a price and nobody else can access just you when you go there you're gonna see some of my favorite pieces and my top picks of stuff that I have in my personal collection that you guys can check out and the beauty of them they're all hand selected and I'm guaranteeing you they're gonna be easy to implement with any style or aesthetic that you have as for the third one fit the fit is perfect those wouldn't black that's something unique that not a lot of accessories companies do because they don't think about this a lot of their bracelets they're adjustable for example this beaded bracelet fits me so perfectly because it's adjustable at three positions they have a small medium and large meaning you don't have to worry about about which size you have to
purchase or measuring your wrist and that's something  almost no other accessory company does so if you guys want to check out rolls comes in black and see their whole line of jewelry because it's not just bracelets they also do necklaces rings and even watches now I'd suggest to go ahead and click
the link down below again everything's already heavily discounted and pick yourself some bracelets and accessories up so you can become more visually interesting

number three you don't want to enjoy the comfort boring people they love comfort and they love feeling safe which is why they're a square you don't want to be a square a circle of rhombus a triangle heck even be an octagon apparently you can identify with whatever you want these days but the point is you want to step outside the norm and step outside to what makes you uncomfortable you already know what  needs to be done to fit inside that lethargic routine that everybody deems acceptable once in a while try to step outside of that with your own opinions in lifestyle and trust me just because of that little move you'll no longer be d more hobby one of the most interesting online personalities and my personal opinion has to be Joe rogue martial artist hunting MMA podcasting the man does a little bit of everything which is exactly why it makes it so interesting to hear this man to talk for hours on
his podcast show Garner's hundreds of millions of views per month because this man is
so well-rounded and so interesting to hear and this is because when you're passionate about different arts hobbies and tasks and makes it perfect for you to strike up conversation with almost anyone whether it's  because they're just interested in your stories or because they share similar ones because they practice the same hobby do more hobbies you'll become interested

number five you want to be well-informed being perceived as interesting it's all about being able to hold conversation the more you have to talk about the better the solution to this it's simple listen to more podcasts listen to audiobooks read books stay up-to-date on current events read the news this stuff will fill you with the wealth of information that again makes it simple to be able to carry on conversation about almost any topic this is probably the easiest and most simple way to develop how interesting you become because you can work on this on your own on the side as a hustle while you work out or while you do chores and little by little every time you engage with somebody you're gonna be developing that skill of being able to hold a conversation before I wrap this up I know I said fine but here's a quick bonus round drop the cool Act a lot of dudes are perceived as boring because
they act very uptightly or cool or perfect and that act is what ends up making you boring again stepping outside that comfort zone is what's gonna make you interested and that's basically it for today's  I hope you enjoyed it that's it for me today see you next time

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