6 Outfits That Will Make Girls Think You're Good Looking | Stand Out From The Crowd

look we all want to be that guy that's different especially with social media nowadays either you have hundreds of guys that just look like drones we're always looking for ways to stand out or maybe you just want to be the stylish friend from the group the guy that everybody looks up to when it comes to
style advice whether you're looking to be that or just to stand out today I'm gonna give you what you're looking for because I'm gonna give you six go-to outfits these are outfits that every man
should have in their wardrobe you should have something similar to this and if you don't act on it in this video because these outfits are gonna help you stand out from the crowd to look better than other dudes and more importantly look better than your friend that that makes you desirable so if that  interesting let's hop into
6 Outfits That Will Make Girls Think You're Good Looking | Stand Out From The Crowd

number one and outfit with red and black see these two colors they their power colors that when they're combined perfectly they create a perfect harmony that's attractive and impossible to ignore or
resist and here's why you see red is a color that signifies passion love and power black is seen as mysterious dark and more like edgy and bad and now you  have an outfit that anyone's gonna
notice and it's gonna instantly separate you from the crap
number two I call this one the artistic fit I call this artistic fit because the fact that you're able to make so many colors outfit that's gonna look so well artistic that's gonna be hard to  recreate and it's going to set you apart from the crowd you have a flowy colorful a shirt that's unbound severely to show
to be a vacation trip but you combined it with jewelry to let others know that you're not gonna be sunbathing anytime soon the glasses well they're round squared off or anything too symmetrical
would be too harsh of contrast with this fit jeans will they fit perfectly now you're standing out because of your willingness to combine different materials and not just your basic cotton t-shirt and cotton gene
  number three I call this one the casual fit sometimes you got to show the rest of the guys that you can look better playing their game just with different rule most guys well this is where they live in the
the casual area so for you to look better and playing with their own game you want to use the same pieces the pieces that are gonna make you feel comfortable not necessarily stand out but you want using under different rules you want to combine different colors you want to make sure that fits always on point and that is what's gonna make you stand outside from the crowd so here you got a
a super classic and casual outfit that it's not above and beyond in any way shape or form but since it fits so right the colors are right and you combine them perfectly you're beating them at their own game and this outfit, in particular, this one is a  former sponsor the Mendel Club which is exactly why
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 number 4 I call this one the inspirational outfit you see you need a fit that's gonna inspire you to know how leaders inspire their people to evolve to grow to change that's exactly why the people put these leaders in leadership position, Oh the same can be said with your style you need an inspirational outfit that's gonna make guys around you start taking notes the only annoying tree and spark curiosity
in their minds of whether or not they can pull such an outfit off one of my personal favorite ways to do this is by wearing turtlenecks and my opinion this is inspirational not only do you give off steve job 5 or some crazy mad inventor vibes the great part is that most guys your average guy would be too uncomfortable to wear a turtleneck so when you wear it in a casual format like this to show them that it is possible to trust me you're going to be inspiring dudes around you
number 5 you want to get technical you see sometimes you gotta hit your friends and other guys
with the TKO a technical knockout a knock-up that just completely stops the fight because let's be honest who can compete with you especially when you're rocking technical we're so good so far
this outfit you're gonna want to pick up a rain jacket a bomber or a pretty tracksuit like this one whatever it is it needs to have some sort of tech built into it whether that's performing-enhancing material wind resistance or a high-tech reflective garment that are gonna make you stand out from the boring-ass crowd that are still wearing those neon Nike swoosh signs across their
chest finally
number six boys I call this one the dark outfit this is the outfit where you decide to remove all sort of color and show them that just with pure fit and know-how of style you can look good using neutral colors or basically no color at all go for monochromatic whether it's all dark Navy or black or dark Gray's you could pull out a dark outfit that any guy sees you they're gonna instantly want to be you emulate you because you just look so damn cool and girls are gonna be drooling over you the cool thing with all dark outfits you can do them both dressy and casual and that's basically it for this 
I hope you enjoyed it  as well that's it for me today see you next time

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