6 Style Secrets Only The Best Dressed Men Know

look boys I I don't like Tooting my own horn here okay baby sometimes I like to toot my own horn but it's we're a good reason look I've been in style for so long
I've been talking to you about South for years now and I've been caring about my own personal style for probably decades now to the point that every year over almost every month I learn new things that you could do with clothing to make it look better on you only guys that have been in the game for this long know how to do some of these things and today I'm gonna give you all of it that way you're gonna be a pro off the gate today

I'm gonna give you six style hack six tricks that you can implement today that only professionals know let's hop in for one fixing the sweatpant boner there is a reason why women consider these sweatpants a third strap every time men wear it's because you're packaged prints every single damn time and knowing you you probably have this issue all the time and well honestly yeah I guess it's
a good problem because it means you're well-endowed and there are two ways to fix this issue because while some people think that's a positive when you're out and about some will be disturbed and think you're a pedo so the first way is to wear the proper  underwear when you wear boxer briefs instead of just regular boxers you're gonna use underwear that's more compressive and it's gonna cut all your package into one side in other words when you wear loose boxers what happens is when your
pecker gets happy that's when it starts poking out especially when you wear this

type of pant trick number two that I like using every time I wear this type of pad is to wear a long-dated t-shirt or at least a t-shirt that has a scoop cut take this Henley, for example, this is a Henley that is not elongated or looks trendy but instead of having a regular square-cut has a slight scoop cut to cover that groin or crotch region so if that pecker does start poking out you have nothing to worry about because your shirt has you cuffed number two using pads for sweat stains what I do suggest you to do is well swallow your pride go to your grocery store and buy some pants out those are going to be the most awkward five minutes of you standing in line holding that package of panty liners but you're gonna save yourself a lot of money and only spend a few bucks to solve a whore prop because then you're gonna use those panty liners to well line your armpits the beauty of this is that the liners
themselves are made to absorb as much moisture they handle the flow of wimp so when you put them in your armpits you have nothing to worry about as soon as you do it's gonna absorb all that sweat
and no longer will your shirts have these massive sweats things that look
number 3 use a very thin necklace to define your chest now if you're a true TMF of like if you're actually my brother you probably follow me on Instagram you watch all my videos and you know that one of my favorite pieces of necklaces to wear or these super-thin minimal ones and it's for a reason it's ahead it's actually strategic you see your boy he has a flat chest like this crap is barely 3-dimensional like there's nothing there at all and don't get me wrong it ain't weak I can bench 315 and her son secure I'm sorry I'm a man I had to say it I don't want you guys thinking I'm weak you over here would you want to learn from a weak teacher I wouldn't but the point is I had to figure something out to fix this flat chest and what I noticed is wearing these thin minimal necklaces does the job just right see when you wear it it kind of just draws the eye in and then the necklace sits between your two pecs giving you more definition on each side and almost 3d now what happens is this is a real pro move when you decide to take your shirt off and you keep the necklace on and makes your body even look more than fine especially the pictorial region b ecause the neck is insisted between both sides I learned this trick from Crazy Stupid Love if you notice the scene where the dudes without a shirt and wearing a necklace you notice it's text almost like pop out more so yeah well I have to try myself and well it worked and that's why I almost always decide to wear the
necklaces you look more stylish with clothing and then without you look shred now I'm gonna bust your life today because this particular necklace you can buy right now this one is from rose gold
and black that just came out with and this is exactly why I love our sponsor rolls golden black they're always humming out with new and minimal designs that US Mint can take advantage of this  one has to be right now my current favorite from rose gold in black and here's the sweet part while it is a new
the design they are having a massive 40% of cyber

number five printing if you wear tight pants like tight jeans you know exactly what I'm talking about every single item you decide to put in your pocket ends up printing your keys your phone your
wallet and now you have these awkward massive bulges that they just look hideous and when you take pictures I promise you and anybody else that sees your picture are not looking at your face they look directly at the bulges creating in your pants and how ridiculously tight they look, everybody
hates bulges so if you are printing obviously the best choice to do is to well wear clothing that isn't that tight but if you, if that's not an option what you're gonna want to do, is slim down on your everyday carry wallet it's one-eighth inch thing like I'm not exaggerating that's exactly how thick it
is and it forces me to minimize how much I carry every day so I don't print and then all my other everyday accessories what I do is I put them on a separate bag like it could either be a satchel a crossbody bag or a backpack that way I'm not stuffing my pockets with things that cause these awkward printing and let everybody else know that I'm wearing
skintight pants and finally number six greasy hair if you don't wash your hair enough you might end up with greasy heavy hair which what happens is that no matter how much you style it or product
you put in it it's just so heavy and greasy that it lays flat it loses volume and you well you love slimy greasy and dirty but if you don't have dry shampoo available what you can use is baby powder it's much more affordable at the grocery store than buying dry shampoo and it's something that most people have readily available baby powder does a great job of absorbing all that grease from your hair and then when you do the side to style it you'll get that volume and fresh new washed hair look without actually having to wash your hair and that's basically it for this week's guys I hope you enjoyed it  that's it for me today see you next time

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