7 Clothing Items That Make You look 20 LBS Leaner

what's up guys it's your boy Jose Zuniga and today I'm gonna do my fluffy friends a favor
you got extra meat on your bones I get it you're probably hitting the gym you want to look leaner but miracles don't happen overnight well in the meantime your boy Jose has you covered because
today I'm gonna give you the secret 7 clothing items that you can start wearing now that will instantly make you look about 20 pounds leaner that sounds interesting 

let's hop into number one use garments with small patterns you see when you're big-boned your goal is to create an optical illusion to appear a tad bit smaller when you don't break your big size up and instead for example where one solid color what ends up happening is it turns you into this monolithic version of yourself the same can be said when you wear massive prints and patterns because they will also make you look bigger and louder however when you wear knits or small patterns what it does is it create an optical illusion where it draws the eye in focusing away from the larger problem at hand and making you look smaller

 number two wear dress shirts that have darts in the back this is almost a must for every dude that's big and even small because if you are fit you're gonna want to show that awesome v-shape and here's the problem almost every single off-the-rack shirt just sucks I'm gonna be on it they don't fit right so what I end up usually doing is getting them tailored and adding darts in the back I'm a style expert I'm like your guinea pig and I try so many brands out I do find these little gold nuggets here and there where sometimes you're gonna find a brand like for example this one this was from Spearin McKay that it is off the rack but it fits impeccable finding shirts like this it's nearly impossible but
when you do find them you want to stock up on them because if you are big bonded dress shirts like these will do a great job of shaping your body and making you look leaner since they don't have any
look leaner since they don't have any the body not only does it give your body shape and structure but overall it makes your shoulders look broader making your waist look a bit leaner not to mention
if you're a muscular guy or an athletic build this is what you're gonna want to be wearing all the time not only do you look more sophisticated in classier this since it fits so well just exemplifies or / enhances your amazing body structure what you work so hard for honestly boys dresses that fit amazing should be in every dude's closet the problem is that usually finding shirts that fit this good
are this great of quality it can get expensive and what you end up doing is going to hmm and spending 30 40 50 bucks on him but you and I both know those don't last and end up deteriorating
here's where spearmint cave really comes in cut for us guys not only are they amazing not only do they fit great they're affordable like crazy affordable if you guys have never heard of this brand before I'm gonna have them link down below go ahead and check out their whole collection they have a lot of different dressers different prints patterns that you can choose from whether if you're looking for small prints big prints they all just fit amazing in the great part is that they can start as low as $30 if you go into their sales section and even their full

 number three using performance undershirt this for guys that are big-boned it is a great way to kind of just suck everything in and make it a little bit tighter when they're performance undershirts like these they usually have anywhere from five to ten percent elastin which really almost works like a
like very light spandex almost think of it that way where it'll kind of just suck the gut in and smoothen your body frame out so when you do put a t-shirt or a shirt over you're gonna look about
10 pounds leaner another good thing is that if you excessively sweat because you're a little bit overweight this shirt will protect your outer shirt from excessive sweat snake

 number four untuck and cover-up whether it's a dress shirt t-shirt or polisher if you can wear it
untucked do so untucked shirts just help hide the Hat whereas when you tuck it in and you cinch that belt up all it does is exemplify or over-exaggerated your muffin top because it goes underneath
making it look a little bit thicker so if you can wear your shirts untucked do so unless

 number five you're wearing a suit jacket when you wear a suit jacket you can tuck it in because of the suit jacket now is gonna come in and save you the day these garments gonna solve all your problems and now I know style is getting more and more casual and you're not gonna be wearing this every single day but the days that you can wear it and you want to look 20 pounds leaner this is the garment to do so the reason is because the shoulder pads just structure your shoulders to the point that they make him look broader and that Vaughn in the middle will cinch in your waistline to give you that illusion of a v-shape that no other garment will give you now you can get a similar effect to this from other jackets like a biker jacket a denim jacket or even a field jacket but overall the suit jacket
reigned supreme when it comes to being the number one garment to making men look leaner

number six no more crooner anything with the circular collar in your closet just gets rid of him there are no go whether you want to sell them or donate them stop wearing him there just rounding your
face off giving you a double chin and giving you an extra ten pounds on your face ideally you want to focus your attention more on v-necks and Henley shirt these have the added benefit of making guys look taller leaner and avoid the dreaded effect of the double finally 

number seven boys get rid of contrast and your outfits meaning that when you're building your outfit for the day choose pieces that won't cut your upper half from your lower half ends up cutting your image in half and overall making you look shorter and stumpy earth whereas when you wear monochromatic looks or remove harsh contracts it's gonna de-emphasize your waistline making
you look taller and leaner Wow removing the focus from your gut monochromatic looks for guys that are trying to look leaner is the way to go and that's basically it  I hope you enjoyed it  as well that's it for me today see you next time



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