7 Ways You’re Wearing Sneakers Wrong

yeah what's up guys it's your boy Jose Zuniga and today we're going to be going over seven ways you're wearing your sneakers wrong which you'd be surprised  considering the sneaker game is at its
highest peak but even to today you'll walk around and see some dude wearing their sneakers and the funkiest waste possible today I'm gonna highlight the 7 biggest mistakes I've seen dudes commit
when wearing these beautiful pieces of art so you never become victim to it if that sounds interesting
let's happen to
 number one the biggest mistake I see even to this day your pants are hiding the goods you just paid
2 3 4 500 dollars for these pair of sneakers would you not  want everybody to see them it's not 1990s boys and no matter how much you're trying to revive that trend you don't want to fall, victim to this you want to highlight your sneakers the best way possible and the  best way to do this is to make sure that your pants are always nicely tailored this is to ensure that you don't have mounds of fabric just hiding your snake or hiding the goods and also just making you overall look stumpy or shorter and
overall Messier and nicely tailored pair of chinos or jeans will always look better especially on low top sneakers to  be able to show off the sneaker and your overall look tailored and toggle

 number two you're just trying them too tight bro  did y'all see that mean by Ellen DeGeneres when she was showing off for Nike Cortez is I think Kendrick Lamar gave it to him or something like that
that girl squeezed all the life out of her foot we she tied those shoes when you tie a shoe it should be tight enough of course so it's not moving around or it's going to become untied but not so tight that you're cutting the circulation and distorting the natural silhouette of it be comfortable enough to be able to put at least one index finger underneath the tongue of the shoe and this will let you know that there is enough breathing room and your feet aren't gonna die on

  number 3 you're too matchy-matchy do y'all remember the Bape era when Bates was all the hit those ^are around the Soulja Boy time and when dudes were wearing those colorful babes they would always match their entire ensemble with the 5 or 15 colors that their babe's hat was rocked or no boys if you're wearing your baby blue Jordan ones off-white your rest of the outfit doesn't have to be baby blue and white
so when you're wearing sneakers that are very bold and colorful and there's a lot going on what you want to do is make the rest of your outfit pretty neutral to make sure you're balancing it out and
instead, you're not looking like a clown or a walking streetlight but hey maybe
you're in school right now or you're out and about watching this video you looked out on your kids and you're like gosh dammit I screwed up I look bad there's only one way you can salvage bad
sneakers if you have bad sneakers boy so the easiest way to salvage this is don't let people look down there if you're
smart enough to pick up a pair of Jblacks from our last collection which is the most affordable most stylish and best-looking frames in the game you can pull those out right about now throw them on your face make yourself look super attractive and don't worry about it boys ain't nobody gonna be looking at your feet today Saturday boys our collection for our metal frame gate blacks just drop and these boys these are freaking amazing I'm not just hyping this up I got chills like literally when
I got these samples from our factory when you hold these and hold the pair of ray-bans we're not as good we're better and I'm not taking that statement lightly pick up just one pair of our metal frames and you're gonna see the insane quality that we have with our new Jade blacks to the point that I think we are better than Bray ban or Gucci or Louis Vuitton or Oakley or 95% of the frame brands that you find in the department stores you want to know why because all those frames are made by one
company exotica and they all make the same frames with cheap products and then overpriced them because they're controlling the market it's an illusion of choice you really aren't choosing a brand they're all the same one those ray bands they cost about 3 bucks to make these are not only better quality and obviously cost more to make we only selling for 49 bucks these come with polarized glass you hear that that's actual glass the metal on it we reinforced it we made it after year so it's super sturdy the designs like this round frame with the bridge is super sexy and of course, we're still
using Italian acetate on the tips and even added a cool detail at the tip just to show you that we're really for attention to detail now boys

 number four you're wearing tacky laces sometimes you'll go out and about and you'll see dudes wearing sneakers with colorful laces you look childish and then on the men's world culture you'll see the same effect dudes wearing dress shoes looking all dapper-looking like a million bucks and then
you look at their feet they're wearing laces from Toys R Us from Skechers from Payless on top of that you got the biggest sinners of them all the ones that use that cute tip no tying or rubber lace if you wear those boys just throw out the whole damn thing you don't want to wear that you ruin the shoe

number five wearing shoes that are just completely dead our IP they should be underground
six feet these things will have holes in their toes the gum soles are coming fully apart they probably stink turning^shoes depending on the Style s like your converse Chuck Taylors for example they
look good with a little dirt and grime a little character but when they look like this boys these are dead and they need to be replaced you shouldn't be wearing these any

 number six wearing sneakers barefoot is this the worst mistake you can make with your shoes
because it's gonna be a swampy sweaty mess inside there and then B you're gonna create a stench from all the bacteria that are growing in there that you won't be able to control to the point that if you never take them off nobody's gonna but want to be around you and that's disgusting just wear no show sucks it's such a simple thing to do it the notion socks will absorb the sweat and protect the longevity of the shoes finally

number seven not rotating your sneakers you want to make sure you rotate them and you don't just focus on one pair that you use all week long you're cutting the longevity of your sneakers when you rotate your sneakers you let the sneakers that you just wore take a rest you allow some of that
moisture to evaporate and also if you're using shoe trees it'll restructure the leather or the shape of the shoe so the next time you wear them they're refreshed and they look good and that's basically it for this week's article guys just 7 sneaker mistakes that I see so many dudes making to this day if you guys like this article and found it informative as well that's it for me today see you next time

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