8 Hacks for Fat Guys to Look Good (How To Dress If You're Overweight)

so let's talk about the elephant in the room I'm not fat actually I'm quite the opposite however I do understand proportion symmetry and style very well because well I've been in this industry for years now and I'm an expert knowing how to use clothing to manipulate how others perceive us today I'm gonna use that exact skill set to give you eight tips for you guys that might be overweight so you can change the perception of how others see you so they think that you're actually skinnier now I did this video for scrawny skinny dudes like myself or like I used to be a few months back which did really well and people would seem to like it so I'm hoping that you guys find this helpful as well if that  interesting

what's happened to number one probably one of the biggest problem areas for guys that are overweight is the muffin top is a layer of fat that forms right around the rim of your
belt or waistline which creates well in this muffin looking shape which nobody likes therefore to hide this you want to wear either medium or high rise jeans as a guy that's overweight low-rise modern cut jeans shouldn't even be on your radar since they're so low they're gonna cinch the lower part of your waist and create and make on that fat just flow over that which gives you the muffin top but if you're able to find medium or high rise jeans you're able to make your hand sit a little bit higher and sent some of the ways to give you a more proportionate body for people to get rid of the Thyra you get this awkward Bell effect or bell-shaped effect that happens in the bottom where the jeans tend to rise up in the middle in between the legs and rub constantly and causing the bottom to flare essentially your pants aren't laying correctly now you're walking around like you have a 24/7 wedgie at all times
but there's an easy fix one you want to make sure your pants are never skin tight from your thighs if it is this is what's gonna cause your pants to keep rising up in between your thighs and then to you want to make sure the bottom is nicely tapered now obviously I would not go for an ankle taper you just
want to make sure it's tapered more so than a classic cut this is going to avoid that flare-up that occurs when your pants start riding up into the thigh but three is man boobs look you probably don't even have gynecomastia which is a good thing because gynecomastia is hard to get rid of you just probably have extra fat on your chest that tends to fall over and cut these manboobs shape now obviously working out is the best way to get rid of this but an instant hack that you can do is either wear Spanx which is just an undershirt that has a lot of elastane almost like a compression shirt to kind of smoothing out any imperfections or oddities and your body so when you put a shirt over it you look like you have no man boobs it looks nicely perfect and you look thinner than before you got to work outlook it's not a hack in and of itself but it's true and this is why I'm putting it in this video it's important to not just use thing s to cover-up imperfections or things that you don't like it's the point that you handle it at its root cause on top of just being leaner because of looks you should be working for this because it's a healthier option and then once you do a side effect is that looking good is a
breeze now I know you probably hate the gym which is why you've put on a little weight but here's a little hack that I do you want to create a playlist of music like your favorite tracks your most upbeat stuff and then throw on some in-ear headphones like these from the break on and just go to town that simple trick  always just puts me in this laser-focused puts me in the zone and just keeps pushing me to keep moving forward and these new 825 headphones from our sponsor and Ray Khan have so
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number five you want to add on an extra layer no no no give me a second I know I know this sounds a little counterproductive like you're probably smart enough to know that the more¨layers you add the thicker you're gonna look but let me explain the type of layer you want it's just one which will
be an opened up style layer that's thin and also flowy think like a thin cardigan a flannel or an overshirt when you do this it creates this thin vertical line down the middle which breaks up the wideness that your body frame produces when you're just one solid block this ends up giving you the
the illusion that you're actually thinner it also does an amazing job of covering your manboobs and your love handles because both of those problem areas tend to be under the second layer so not only
are you hiding imperfections you're also creating an optical illusion

 number 6 you want to wear thick shoes again symmetry is what the eye loves bigger guys tend to look funny and espadrilles or converse or flip-flops because they're uneven mass there's so much mass on top and then you end it all up in these tiny little shoes at the bottom it almost gives you like a
cartoon effect like you're gonna tip over so you need to get your sneakers you're a big dude so we're bigger shoe thinkers they're a little bit thicker like your Air Force One's boots or even nice dress shoes gives you that balance and symmetry you're looking for and also makes it look like you're sturdy and
finally, number seven boys its neck fat you see boys neck fat is another area for overweight guys that is a problem area and the most thing that they can't hide it but here's a reality what you want to
do is avoid your V cuts or your deep cut t-shirts or shirts because this exposes a lot of your neck and instead, you want tighter who neck t-shirt even better  when you can wear dress shirts opt for dress shirts because should actually have a collar and if you buy dress shirts with tall collars that are a little bit thicker that will hide a lot of your neck fat while also making you look more elegant and formal which just elevates your status and that's basically it for this week's  I hope you enjoyed it those are seven hacks or tricks that you can do as an overweight guy to look better  as well
that's it for me today see you next time

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