Do THESE 7 Things EVERY Morning!

before I even start let me show you guys something really quick you see that I don't know if you can see that it is currently 6:30 in the morning this is now the fourth video I'm recording you want to know why because I woke up at 4:30 it is pitch black outside and here you hear that this whole building complex is empty it's quiet now I do that so I can win every single day I love outworking and it's because as a fit guy as a guy that goes to the gaming constantly sets new goals for themselves
I've set these parameters or standards that I like to do every single morning as I wake up that in my opinion, it fuels me with energy and it sets me up for success most of you probably have trouble eating and waking up at 8 or 9 in the morning and feel groggy throughout the day I would have no problem working at 4:35 and I feel amazing you want to know why it's because I do these seven things every single morning let's talk you

 must start with a glass of water after being asleep for several hours your body needs hydration first thing in the morning some doctors even suggesting that just one 8 ounce glass of water early in the morning can help aid with metabolism and digestion throughout the day and this makes complete sense our bodies are 60 to 70 percent water mean that h2o is pretty much our fuel without it or not having enough of it our body's processes won't work as they should throughout the day

number two stretch your tight muscles stretching first thing in the morning can increase your energy levels waking up and set you up for success for the rest of the day when you stretch tight muscles you allow for mobility and range helping you develop proper muscle structure on top of that stretching it is proving to increase blood flow circulation to the muscles and the brain so these mobility exercises in the morning is a great way to wake up and fuel yourself with energy you can do simple stuff like doing a deep squat and moving or swaying side to side to really loosening up those tight muscles then to stretch the spine and really get it aligned you can do the downward dog to cobra pose this is a classic stretching pose that many have you done and when you do it you're gonna feel so much more relaxed  and relief

 3  listen to music as you do your daily chores now this could be motivational music upbeat music inspirational spiritual whatever type of music gets you going and in the right mindset in the mornings that's what you should listen to this, in my opinion, it just gets me pumped and fuel through the day so what I personally do is I throw on my e25 headphones from Reitan and whether that's doing laundry getting my clothes from the laundry brushing my teaching stretching or simple stuff like feeding my dogs or taking out the trash morning I can just grab them throw them on and play my  favorite track or my favorite podcast that morning to set my mentality of where I want it to be well they might look tiny the powerful sound that they have is ridiculous and it makes sense because I'm not the only one raving about them like you'll see celebrities like Ray J Snoop Dogg or cardi B talking about how amazing these Rhea cons are because they truly sound impressive for the price these guys give you premium audio for half the price these, in my opinion, make a hell of a Christmas gift and if you don't know what to ask for on your wish list or what to give somebody else these right here are a must not only do they sound amazing boys but you're not gonna break the bank when you
add this to your wishlist or gift it to somebody else and then on top of that there's an insane discount which like I'm telling you these are already affordable I guess it's borderline ridiculous how cheap these are considering the premium audio that you're getting if you guys want to check out ray Kahn and buy yourself a pair so you can motivate yourself every morning whether you're going to the gym or just doing your daily chores you gotta check these 825 out if you're more of an over the ear headphone type of guy they also have some h100 that I like to use these are great if you'd like to really get in the zone they're super comfortable and obviously since these are bigger the audio sounds just so amazing and crisp on this it's ridiculous if you guys go to buy Raycom slash TMF or click the
 link down below and use our special code you can check these out gift it to a family member to a friend or buy them for yourself

 number 4 get a dose of vitamin D now if you watch any of my mornings you'll know that one of the first things that I like to schedule and my alarm is for all my blinds to just go up so I can get loaded with vitamin D and sunlight into my room and the main reason is because morning sunlight just reinforces your natural circadian rhythm and layman's terms when your body feels the warmth of a sunlight it pretty much just lets your internal body clock knows it's time to wake up, in other words, it's a natural adrenaline boost and way better

than coffee number 6 get up as soon as the alarm ring this is more of a mental challenge that you need
to do in the mornings in other words when that alarm rings don't snooze it don't sleep another five minutes you need to challenge yourself to shut it off and immediately hop out of bed what you're gonna notice is that you're gonna be flooded with much more energy and really it's all mental the reason for it is because that's a small win in other words because you set yourself or your mind to do something which is a small goal and you did it sets your mind into this winning mentality which just snowballs effects throughout the day and you feel amazing I promise you to do this just one day and I promise you within like 1020 minutes of your day you're gonna start feeling way more refreshed and energized than when you decide to snooze the alarm and take another five minute nap what happens when you do that is that you failed you didn't complete  your task for that morning or the goal that you set for yourself and now even though you slept more you feel groggy you feel slow and most of the times you feel like a loser like you just don't want to do anything because you didn't do what you set yourself out to you finally number seven eat a big healthy breakfast now there are benefits from
skipping breakfast like intermittent fasting I've heard of many of those it really depends on your personal goals and what you're trying to achieve and also your own personal metabolism for myself I noticed that my body performs better on a big breakfast something with a lot of calories and that's what I do when I have a solid breakfast I set my machine which is my body up for success throughout the day and I get it started when I don't I feel slow I feel like I'm trying to play catch-up and it's because my body's depleted of those nutrients and energy but again that's me on a personal level you also eat about 4,000 calories a day so it really depends on who you are as a person and your metabolism you guys those are seven things that as a thick guy you should be doing every single morning that's it for me today see you next time

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