How HOT Girls Want You To talk To Them

you see boys a lot of us dudes have this misconception that how girls are these hot creatures in society they're only hot guys have a key to unlock but in my experience, pretty girls are the ones that are filled with the most insecurities and they usually end up with ugly dudes anyway that's because
they're looking for certain things and characteristics and guises approach that most guys do right there you probably don't know yet and today I might help you out today I'm gonna show you exactly how women want you to approach them especially hot girls what's happened

number one and most importantly is in a non-threatening way women constantly have this fear looming on top of them that all of us dudes are PTO's pedophile meaning that when you approach a girl you need to come in a non-threatening way make sure it's not aggressive you always want to keep it light-hearted and keeps you knowing that your approach is light-hearted and not aggressive is by how she reacts if she is tensed up and not giving you any feedback whatsoever chances are she feels uncomfortable and unsafe
number two and super important you have to stay spontaneous look I'm gonna be honest with you I can tell you what to wear what to say and not to say and even how to act the truth is that women they're like a movie set directors they can spy a rehearsal from a mile away she's gonna think that you've tried this move a million times  and she's just another number you're trying to scratch off so you have to keep your approach  unique and spontaneous and it all depends on what situation you are you have to remember these women want to make it feel like their love story was a fairy tale that's what you got to give
 number three you got to approach it like you mean business and I'm gonna be honest with you one of the best ways to send that message is with what you're wearing this is why guys in suits guys that wear watches stand out to girls and they immediately love them and yes girls want you to wear watches and take care of yourself I showed you by doing an interview with a ten different girls they like the dude that looks like they put in effort because guess what it just shows initiative that you had the proper manners to put an effort that morning before you approached her which lets her know you ain't one of her lazy exes this is why with the Vince era watch like this she's gonna know you're either a baller or like a dude that just takes care of himself either or it's a win on your part and that's exactly what she's looking for with the guys that approach her boys you can do that too if you decided to click the link down below check up and Saren finally after hearing  me talk to you about it so much pick yourself up in Sarah watch and this is the time to do so because they just drop the vessel watch in this one boy this has to be one of my favorite watches that they just drop recently because this vessel watch to us look like a money timepiece like when I wear this most people think
this is a five hundred to a thousand-dollar why it's not and that's because unlike other fashion watch prints when the sale actually takes a lot of time and effort to develop theirs that's the type of brand you need to look for where you're not gonna actually break the bank put the message that is sending
everybody else when you approach them to say you're a dude that like I said well you're probably a baller or just likes to take care of himself  and I'm not the only one saying it's like when Sarah watches  look smooth but your average young she probably never runs into somebody like that so her bar isn't said so high because she's probably dated a bunch of douche bags before you so being a little
a bit nervous in your approach don't overthink it don't be too worried about it that nervousness is gonna go away over time and in the first few  approaches it's gonna just show your human side your vulnerable side that most women can actually appreciate and open up to finally
 number five when you approach her to give her a lot of value with not any strings attached a lot of guys hit on girls and then just hover over them like creepers waiting for a response but truthfully when you approach her you should just give her everything upfront tons of value and then let her choose comfortably this is gonna let her know that you're a confident dude you know you're not too
overly worried about what she says and because of that attitude that you have she's probably gonna lead on and give you more, for example, let's say you're at the bar you want to buy a girl a drink
most guys buy a girl drink and then sit on top of her until well she either drink it or gives him her number or you could do something different be spontaneous let's say you could maybe buy her a drink let the waiter let her know that you bought the drink and then let the waiter tell her where you're
gonna be after you leave the bar she most likely gonna take the drink but  since she's probably in her own comfort zone with their squad she's gonna be allowed to think on her own if she's gonna want to follow you to that spot you're going afterward this is just one simple example of how you can be spontaneous give her a whole bunch of value upfront without being a creeper again just use your surroundings to get creative and that's basically it for this week's guys those are five ways women want you to approach them if you guys like this mirror and found it informative don't forget to drop us an as well that's it for me today see you next time

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