7 EASY Grooming Hacks To Look Better INSTANTLY

the knowledge that I share with you guys especially when it comes to grooming it's not about changing who you are but morphing your shape or being something you're not personal male grooming is about bringing forth the absolute best version of you today boys  I'm gonna give you the seven grooming tips every man if you're a guy and you're watching this right now stick with me and see if you're doing these days because every guy needs to do this and when you do not only are they easy you're gonna instantly I promise you to look better that's all interesting let's hop into

one tame flyaway hairs this is every guy's nightmare it happens on time it happens to me all the time especially if it's humid outside I have a toothbrush that you don't use anymore or something old with soft bristles then grabbing your favorite hairspray or hair product apply it to the bristles then tame those flyaway hairs and with the product that you apply on it coats the flyaway hairs perfectly to perfectly tame the hair so you just look polished and perfect and again you're bringing out the best version of your number to trim something I call the Forgotten hairs

I had a legit snake of a hair so long coming out of my nose it was tickling my mustache it was discussed now I tried plucking it but my vision got blurry after a while because I had tears coming down my eyes from trying to pluck nose ears it's painful and nobody recommends it so I did what any rational person would do I grabbed a nose trim this one boys is for my brand he grooming that's right boys now if you're an OG you know we've been working on the grooming now for men months this is a brand for grooming tools for guys I don't think there's a brand that produces sexy masculine tools that you're proud of that again help polish your grooming routine to bring forth the best version of you there just isn't most of them are tacky cheap or just don't work or they don't even produce him well here's where he comes in he is finally dropping February 1st guys I want you to go into your pockets while you're watching me now my phone so pause this video going to your reminders go into your calendar and just mark our launch for he grooming this February¨first you can also click the link down below and join our newsletter or follow us on Instagram so you stay up to date with all the updates the point is that our grooming brand is finally launching this February 1st now this is gonna be an all-inclusive grooming brand meaning a one-stop-shop everything from tools to products but it's gonna grow gradually  and I need your support to do that without you guys this brand will not grow meaning that I want to see all of you guys there February 1st picking up these new nose trimmers that are super slick it comes in this like pencil design it's water-resistant so you can do it in the shower and it's super slick you can throw it in your Dopp kit easily and carry it with you everywhere boys I'm excited about he grooming I don't know about you guys but

if you are comment down below where you're gonna be picking up and don't forget to put that reminder on your phone you don't want to miss this number three you're gonna want to wash your hair way less often you got to understand that shampoos have a lot of chemicals and then that kind of strip away from the hair now when you do this constantly it starts slowly drying your hair and what ends up happening your final result is that you end up having less volume have more breakage since the hair is not more fragile and dried off it's easy for the hair to break or split off which causes split ends and the breakages that I'm talking about which leads us to our third problem you have more flyaway hairs the more breakage and damage to your hair is the more split ends it has the harder it will be for you to manage your hair to one side and what's gonna happen is  you're gonna have all these little flyaway hairs that's gonna make you look messy or trim your hairline at home this is one of my personal favorite grooming tips that I learned myself when I was in middle school because when I was in the middle school literally I had no money to go to the barbershop and pay 20 bucks every two weeks it gets expensive so you got to get crafty and creative and it's still a grooming tip I used to this day you see because of one of the  areas that makes men look messiest it's your neck and your sideburn region all the way around your ear when this area starts growing out and like you no longer can see a clear hairline this is when you start noticing that this guy probably hasn't had a haircut in months and you'll start looking messy and dirty so if you can trim this area up it makes the haircuts last longer and you look sharper and the best way to do it is with a small mirror now a small mirror you can buy it on Amazon ten bucks or so and using a multi-purpose trimmer which I've told you already everybody should have this in your and your bathroom already and if you don't he groomers gonna hook you up because we're working on a trimmer already this is just a sample run of it but we're having multiple samples sent  we're still perfecting it but it's gonna be here soon five moisturize your face while it's still damp you got to  understand that when you fresh out the shower your skin is more receptive to the hydration that the moisturizer gives  your face this is to maximize the effect of the moisturizer since the skin is receptive to absorbing all those nutrients while also locking in the hydration that's still on your damp face when you do this one simple step you're gonna notice your skin take a radical change for the better always looking supple and high six you want to perfect the stubble I rarely use  a razor I'm gonna be honest with you guys, I prefer using a tremor because of a trimmer you can trim down your stubble to a desired length every single time and I like to do that every few days to make sure my beard always looks the same but here comes the important point when you trim your beard you want to make sure you trim your beard right underneath your jawline you want to make the line right where the jawline meets your neck that's where you want to be clear distinction and then you want to clear everything else with the razor or whatever you want it to be baby smooth when you keep your line tight like this it makes for a stronger job in other words when you do this it just increases the visual strength of your job and it makes you irresistible to women because you just look more dominant and all you did is trim your stubble prime number 7 perfect your brow game your brows this should always be polished but never overly trim so the way I like to do is first you want to start by brushing your brows into one direction which is usually the opposite direction for each one then using a pair of small scissors you want to notice if there's any hairs that are abnormally long if it is using the scissors you want to clip them to make sure all the hairs remain within the natural line of your brow and then finally you want to by removing only the hairs that are outside your natural brown line and never over pluck to the point that your brows end up looking and that's  basically it for this week's video guys those are 7 grooming tips every guy needs to implement to instantly look better if you guys liked this video and found it informative don't forget to drop us a like down below and also if I missed any grooming tips that you do daily that you feel make you look good drop them down below finally boys don't forget that launch Voorhis grooming is happening this February 1st and I don't want you to miss it that's it for me today see you next

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