7 Rich People Habits That Changed My Life

so this last year for me boys was the  best year yet literally we're now an eight-figure company and the greatest part of it all is that it started with nothing literally nothing I've told my story a million times already I'm sure you've heard of it before came from poor parents or very low-class parents that teach to be worked at I think they did everything possible and did everything to set me up for success and then the best part of it all is that you guys saw everything like if you are true og like you start all the way in the back you've seen my first business and how that they like you this was all our mind and then you seen the progression of all my other businesses and the growth that we're in today now that's not by accident that wasn't chance or opportunity it was none of that it was really putting or implementing the right  habits in place habits that in my opinion changed my life now today boys I'm gonna give you seven habits that the rich the billionaires the millionaires do that when I realize that they were doing it I was like let me try as well and I'm telling you right now from firsthand experience it were

 number one it's scheduled I remember reading a quote by Warren Buffett and in my butchery cuz I mean I'm paraphrasing off the top of my head but it was something along the lines of him saying that a fool with the plan can beat a genius without a plan guys if you want somewhere to go if you want to complete a task it's important that you develop a plan or a schedule for me it's gotten to the point that I'm running and juggling so many businesses there's so many things going on at once that honestly I don't even know how I personally do it so I had to literally schedule time blocks the point is without this schedule I'd be nowhere I wouldn't have direction and I would always feel like I don't have enough time in my opinion that's the biggest excuse and biggest  lie we all tell ourselves which I did it myself two limiting social media now social media changed my life I built this eight-figure empire on social media along everything's online for my personal brand to mine brands where I sell products and using social  media to catapult it however when I say don't use social media or limited its the time wasted social media because just like you it's very easy to start working on there and then all of a sudden you see a post and then another post and then another post and then you spend two hours on Instagram doing absolutely nothing and that's not gonna benefit which roses on to number three which is learning something new and this is something that I saw a lot of millionaires doing and billionaires like Bill Gates says that he reads I think it was like three hours daily

when Buffett tries to read a book a day and that's the main gist of it if you want to be more valuable you got to learn more for example I'm only as valuable as the amount of work I can output which means my time it's crucial and I need to learn to be more productive like I just said need tolearn it was like a self-realization I had to come to so what did I do I went on Skillshare and I watched awhole class on productivity why because all this knowledge is not a natan in me and learn it so I watched a Productivity masterclass creating a system that works that's the title of it if you're interested in I'm gonna have it linked down below well as to taking this class  the first thing that I realized which I told you with my scheduling is that I wasn't wasting a lot of time even though I kept saying I don't have enough time I really was just saying I'm wasting time that was the reality of it if you guys click the link down below you go to Skillshare comm slash TMF right now they're gonna give you two months free of their premium content meaning you have access to all their classes in those two months you can watch all the classes you want which others are paying ten bucks a month for which again even at ten bucks a month it's a complete steal and it's gonna be more valuable than watching Netflix every single day because unskilled share your young classes on everything from productivity to business to marketing to photography to arts to what leadership literally any topic you can think of there's probably a class for Skillshare whatever it is you want to make twenty twenty a year where you explore new skills deep in vexisting passions and get lost in creativity and with skill shares online classes you can do just that you're gonna be joining a community of global people around the world that are learning more that are pursuing their own success and I want you to be that this decade boys don't drop the ball on this click that link down below and take that free offer you've got nothing to lose and literally everything to gain before it's called killing ants in other words you're killing negative thoughts this is a habit all of us need to be doing on a regular these next seven days I want you to try something I want you to try to kill every single negative thought that comes into your  brain it happens to all of us even myself whether it's a complaint or how ugly you think you are or maybe how unsuccessful you are you have to understand something called the law of action that means that all behavior it'sbelieved driven in other words if all you have is negative thoughts that's what you're gonna believe about yourself and therefore that's how you're gonna negatively act in the real world five you want to surround yourself with positive people I talked about this in a previous video for this next decade just  start cutting off all the toxic people in your life that are bringing and holding you back that's because who your friends are it's who you become it always imitating other people that's just who we are we imitate their habits their mannerisms etc well you want to do that but with positive people, people that bring you up people that are also trying to be successful because that's what's gonna build you up six you want to rest this one not many talks about and today's aside and everybody thinks that  they're an entrepreneur everybody thinks that you gotta be grinding 24/7 and that sleep is for the weak I beg to differ if I don't sleep I don't perform and the more you overwork yourself the more you're gonna burn yourself out and now

you're being inefficient and your work out put your creativity and your innovation isn't gonna be the same as somebody that's well-rested getting your seven to eight hours it's crucial and moreso getting a day where you can just just rest clear your mind is something that I've personally been doing I literally just experienced burnout this year where I felt like I was all my work was being futile I worked and worked and worked endlessly Monday through Sunday I felt like my work was being futile so what did I do now for the last few months what I did is I decided to take one day out of the week I chose Sunday where I'm not gonna work whatsoever in other words from Monday through Saturday I'm gonna bust my ass I'm gonna work hard still getting my seven hours of sleep and then on Sunday I rest literally I just clear my mind I focus I recharge that way on Monday I can do it all over again and honestly it's the best feeling in the world finally number seven you've heard me say this before waking up early this is a habit that I am i implemented in myself about two years ago I started waking up at 5:30 and believe it or not now I'm waking up around 4:00 4:30 coming to work and getting work done early it's like a badge of honor for yourself really   nobody else knows other than you and that's an amazing feeling like winning for yourself feels amazing and when you feel like you beat the Sun to work and are out working everybody else every single day it's a feeling that's gonna make you feel unstoppable and that sort of confidence that sort of drive is what makes you successful you got to have crazy discipline and waking up early builds that in all of us and that's basically it for this week's video guys those are seven daily habits that rich people do that change my life completely if you guys liked this video and found an apartment if don't forget to drop us a like down below also boys don't forget to check out skill sure they're gonna be linked down below as well that's it for me today

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