7 Style Tricks To Get Girls To Look At YOU

I don't know about you boys but uh I won't girls to look at me well your boys married but when I wasn't married all I wanted were girls to look at me that that was my man go and I'm sure that's your girl as well you never want to go unnoticed you don't want to be a ghost if girls ain't looking at you that means girls in you know attention what means you're doing something wrong today boys what I'm gonna show you are through my  life I learned a few tricks few things that you could do with your clothing how you wear it how you style it the clothing that you choose to put on you that for  whatever reason it sparks attention in girls and they can't but help themselves to break their neck a little bit and notice you now these tips I'm telling you they're rock solid I promise you I'm telling you it works and you'd be using your crush she's gonna notice you and once she looks at you once you lock eyes you already know what to do your thing boys that's happened what it's called peacocking

 and a good way you see just like male peacocks use their feathers their beautiful colorful feathers
that they open up to attract the male you could do the exact same psychological effect with the clothing that you wear for example the way I used to like doing this try using a bold color that suits your skin  tone I'm gonna give you a great example when I used to do this I look great in bright colors I'm a dark dude meaning that when I pair my skin tone with dark colors my skin tone just looks super rich my skin looks vibrant so that's  what I would do and instantly now I'm peacocking and because the bright color draws you in you can't help yourself but notice and then you notice the dude  looking vibrant looking like a star that's called love at first sight boys and ain't love it's your boy TMF to get tactic we want to use modern trends to help you stand out from the crowd but also make it look like a tough guy so I'll give you a great example combat boot soles they're in and literally it's all I've been wearing  this winter and you've seen it in videos and Instagram posts because it looks

good it's a tactical approach to your menswear it's its military inspired you look like a tough guy and it helps you stand out but literally it makes you stand out that chunky songs about two inches taller so you're literally powering over all those ugly midgets and girls well they're gonna notice three you just want to be effortless yes there is such a thing as doing too much with what you wear and the truth is that people notice or especially women like to notice guys that are actually winning at life and they're pretty nonchalant super super super hard to portray like they're winning or being something they're not when in reality they're broke bums okay the guys wear gucci  belts the point is boys you want to be effortless with your style for example this could be considered trying too much however this is a simple outfit everybody would wear t-shirt and jeans however you're not gonna keep it simply gonna be you're gonna wear with a little bit more swag a little more taste you're gonna roll the cuffs roll your shoulder sleeve to show off your bicep maybe add a cuff to your jeans maybe took the t-shirt and throw on some J black glasses and now you still have an effortless style that women will sure  notice because it's not boring or you want to position yourself well you want to make sure you adopt the Superman stance this is to make sure you're  taking up as much room as you need comfortable in any room you're in that's just gonna show dominance and confident the Superman stance is when you plant your feet shoulder width apart your chest is out your shoulders are back and your head is held high this is positioning yourself in the right way to get noticed by your crush versus being in a house party in a corner talking to   nobody where nobody's even looking five don't be so serious

 you want to get our attention you got to do something that's unorthodox with your style something that's not expected for example one style move that I used to love doing is taking formal wear that is considered serious and then making it not so serious I sound like the freakin Joker but I'm trying to get a point across you guys say you got a well tailored suit that you know makes you look sharp that makes you look like a million bucks well instead of wearing it like corporate drones you can wear it  with knit wear a sweater that's gonna break it up loosen up the tension a little bit now it's not so serious and now you're standing out loosening up that stuffy dress code that most guys do and girls are gonna notice it like this happened to me I kid you not on everything I was wearing a turtleneckwasn't it where one day and I went to go buy a cup of coffee I and the girls like I've never seen a guy been able to pull off a turtleneck now I didn't want to pursue the conversation the point was that that little thing proved my concept girls don't expect these style moves and when you do them they can't help but notice you boys the stuff that I teach you the stuff that  I'm telling you is because it happens to me so when I tell you this stuff you better be writing it down because I promise you it's gonna help you out six show off a little bit of skin now just like the thottie girl you're probably never gonna cop you don't want to be the toolbag guy that girls will never give a chance to meaning that this rule you gotta be careful you gotta tread a careful line while you do want to but a couple buttons they show off a little bit of skin it's important to keep it reserved in other words you love seeing a girl and an off the shoulder top but you'd probably never cuff a girl that looks like this the point is that showing enough skin to spark curiosity draws attention catches eyes however it keeps interest high if you're showing if you're showing girls all your guns there ain't gonna be no mystery she ain't gonna want to undress you anymore cuz you already did it for yourself
finally, number seven just be a little bit playful with your style like one thing you got to understand is that girls don't expect you to be some sort of fashion designer fashionista or on-trend every single time so when you take yourself too seriously with your style  it's gonna turn them off you want to be playful in other words don't be too stuffy don't follow rules too closely and instead just make sure you're doing things that are gonna captivate her attention and keep things fun to show the fun side of your purse basically for this week's video guys those are 7 style moves you can do with what you wear and how you wear it to make women look at you

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