7 Ways To NEVER Get Nervous Around Girls

 you guys ever feel like this pit in your stomach every time you talk to a girl or when you see a pretty girl it doesn't matter how much you want to go talk to her it's almost as if your feet are planted on the ground and you can't you just can't make yourself move or even worse when you're in front of a girl and then you freeze up because now you can't even be yourself because of how scared you are of her yes you're not alone this has happened to many of us a lot of men have probably experienced this at one point in their life now the difference between myself and the men that have been able to get across from this is that we've learned certain tricks and things that you can do to minimize the nervousness that you feel when you approach a girl today I'm gonna show you the seven things that you can do to never get nervous in front of a girl  now let's hop into 

the thing you need to understand is that you are good enough now this isn't some bullcrap mommy motivation speech that I'm giving you or some sixth-place trophy to make you feel better no this is actual truth and these pictures well they prove it these are guys that aren't

above average and looks and probably what they own yet they got above-average females you know why because they are good enough and this right here is the main reason why you probably get nervous around girls and your mind you don't  think you're good enough you probably go into an interaction with the pretty girl thinking this girl is never gonna like me I'm too ugly I'm too poor I'm too short I'm too whatever and because you're going into interactions with this mentality you do everything possible to overcompensate and protect yourself from looking more stupid or even ugly in front of her which is why you end up being like a robot and freezing up over calculating everything and do you say in front of you gotta understand that women aren't attracted to guys just on their physical they're more so attracted on the emotional level this is why your confidence and self-esteem is what's most important and why you are

 number two you got to stop looking in the wrong places if you go up to a girl and you either look away like a shy little puppy or you look at her breasts or you were just awkward with your eye contact and you give her the that's there in every scenario this girl's gonna feel comfortable because you're looking in the wrong places gonna start developing your eye contact for example when I talk to you let's assume you're the girl I'm gonna look at you in the eyes but I won't keep my eyes directly on you like I'm a psychopath I will bounce my eyes from both of your eyes and I might go down to your nose or to your mouth or to your forehead a little bit the point is I'm relaxing my eyesight on your face so you don't feel so awkward under my eye contact

 number 3 this one kills every dude stop worrying about how experienced you are both we're talking to girls or in bed thinking about your performance or how long you're gonna last is what makes you last less look if you ever get lucky don't believe the hype it's not just the motion of the ocean but it's how long  the waves actually even last so you need to get that performance anxiety or  experience anxiety out of your head because that's gonna mess with you every time you talk to a girl and honestly if you've got problems with pre-ejaculate or you're scared your might break up early you gotta try romance wipes these are from our sponsor Roman and this thing they're amazing they're little individually packed wipes that you can carry on your water you carry anywhere and the cool thing is that you just rip them off you wipe your pipe and then you let it dry and then you're good to go these are clinically proven to help men last longer because in case you don't know pretty ejaculation orange a chelating too early it is an actual problem that many men face and have to fight with the reality is that most women take about 20 minutes to reach orgasm whereas men on average they'll reach their orgasm anywhere from two to five minutes so that disparity is what keeps women on please and what's probably effing with your head with these swipes it'll help you close the gap and help you last longer then the coolest part is that these swipes can get delivered to your door in an unmarked package so nobody's gonna know what you just got is gonna be a box with no labels nothing not even the mailman is gonna know what got delivered to your door and like I said the swipes themselves come individually packed so you can put them in your wallet and your back and your backpack in your car they're gonna be around you always and they're super discreet the best part is that when you wipe your pipe it's not gonna be transferred on to your partner so you don't have anything to worry about when it comes to that now here  comes the sweet part if you boys want to check out these swipes we just remove any sort of experience or performance anxiety that makes you nervous in front of girls click that link down below or go to get Roman comm /tm f PE and you can get your first order of swipes for $10 off which is an absolute steal and something that I think every guy should have a couple of them just to always be   prepared for their significant other to make sure you're actually pleasing right and get rid of that performance anxiety completely telling you boys these are game changes and this is something that you know you should just buy - hat they're affordable it's a good backup and you know what it's gonna make you feel more confident knowing that you're probably gonna be a stud a step before you got to get comfortable this whole bullcrap of oh just be yourself it never fully works if you don't have practice and experience you have to get comfortable in front of hot women so anytime you see a really really like I'm talking a ten out of ten hot girl a girl that you see and you're just thinking man that girl's way out of my league I want you to take your sexy ass on over there and ask her directions to the nearest whatever library stores  Starbucks I don't really care even if you know where it's at I want you to ask her the point is that you need more exposure to these really hot women so you can feel more comfortable around them widget is gonna make you less nervous when you actually want to start flirting with five don't get too invested this right here is the hardest one to crack for most men but once you do it's gonna be the most valuable once you stop getting so invested in just that one girl you think will you be happily ever after with and realize that there really are plenty of fish on the sea

you're gonna stop putting so much pressure on her and even yourself to tryto force and make something work with this girl what happens is what guys get too invested with one particular girl the way they put it in their mind is it needs to work out with this girl or else I'll never find somebody that's perfectas six understand that she doesn't see  herself the way you see her got to understand that while you think this girl's the hottest thing ever and perfect in every way that's not how she sees herself actually a global study done by Dove cosmetics found that 96% of women 96 almost a hundred percent of women don't consider themselves beautiful this is why women in love fake makeup and face tuned so  much they're filled with insecurities and I know it sounds douchey but when you approach her and think of this and know that she doesn't think she's the hottest thing ever you're now gonna be in the dominant position and at least mentally you're gonna be more confident to be more relaxed in that situation and not feel so nervous

number seven stop sexualizing them this is the problem with you watching so much porn and beating your meat every day every girl you look at you probably just see as a piece of meat because when you see a hot girl all you can look at is her boobs or ass which I know it's hard not to but if that's all you see all you're gonna think about is betting then and it's gonna try to avoid you to do anything stupid to impede you from getting her to bed making you look like this nervous kid and it's his first time getting laid if you do that boy you're gonna mess it up stop over sexualizing women and just talk to them like they are people they're human and that's basically it for this week's video guys those are seven ways to stop getting nervous around girls if you guys liked this video and found that informative so we're gonna drop us like down below and also don't forget to check out roman swipes boys if you guys want to check that out they're gonna be linked down below as well that's it for me too

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