7 Grooming Hacks "Attractive Men" Use To LOOK BETTER

yo what I'm about to spit with you is the good stuff these are the type of hacks that you should use with caution because they're gonna make you look so damn handsome they're gonna make you look so damn attractive that that girl has been leaving you on red that's been leaving you on delivered guarantees it'll be responding overnight because of how good you're gonna look boys you are gonna look like a stud today I'm gonna give you seven grooming hacks all dude should be implementing into their daily routine you've probably never heard some of these but I promise you once you implement them they're gonna change your life man they're gonna change your appearance what's happened

number one it's called a derma roller a derma roller is like a little plastic roller and the cylinder itself has a bunch of tiny needles on it you could buy it on Amazon for like 10 bucks and essentially we're gonna do is roll your skin with it that's gonna cause many or little tiny puncture wounds on your skin you might be thinking Jose what that why the hell would I puncture my skin well this activates the healing mechanism on your face to activate skin repair and even cell regeneration for example when you get an injury or a cut the body to sustain itself it repairs itself by producing you collagen well the exact same thing occurs here leaving your skin looking and brand new removing fine lines wrinkles acne scars skin and balances and any other type of blemish you might have falls on to

number two stimulate collagen production collagen  it's like the building block of your skin it's what keeps it nice and tight and looking new and beautiful and resilient you need to constantly be producing more collagen an easy way to do this is using some sort of pulsation mechanism and I know this is probably a tool that only your girlfriend has but not anymore this is why we created he grooming boys like I told you today February 1st we're finally launching our he grooming goo brand this is a brand for guys that want grooming tools to make themselves look handsome if that's you you gotta click that link down below and check out our new facial scrub our new silicone facial scrubber not only scrubs your face leaving it super smooth not only is it wireless charging but also when you flip it on to the other side it has a pulsation mechanism on the product itself and once you're done with your skin routine at night you can target areas that have a lot of wrinkles or you might want to tighten up a bit right after your skincare routine and you want to hold it in that area anywhere from thirty Seconds to a minute start promoting collagen production to ensure that your skin looks flawless again boys who's out here even thinking about this stuff other than me your best friend that's looking out for you ever y step of the way I'm like five steps ahead to make sure you're winning in life that's why I created this company because what other grooming company produces grooming tools for men to look handsome for the men to look attractive none you either have to borrow it from your girlfriend or do the walk of shame in Sephora not any more boys now you can have grooming tools that you could be proud of that look sexy and your vanity because all our tools are designed for you guys the man the man that wants to look good if that's you boys you already know what to do you guys gotta click that link down below because like I told you there is not there's just not a lot of inventory this is our first launch and like always we are a very small amount because we only really want the guys that truly are passionate for the stuff to try it out first and see how they liked it that's why I have a feeling they're gonna go fast on top of that we also have the nose  trimmer which is crucial for dudes to look good if you guys want to control your nose here and you want to sleek trimmer something you can carry aroundin your dabka with ease you're gonna love our he grooming boys if you're the heat type of man they the guy that takes care of themselves

I would pick up both because on your vanity it's gonna look sick it's gonna look sexy if you guys want to check it  out I'm gonna have he grooming linked down below and I'd go fast before it all go through three do an egg mask on your hair and any time your hair feels dried out or you're not getting the volume that you want try this hair mask you see the the egg yolk and eggs is rich with vitamin A vitamin e boly and biotin that all of which promote growth and health of the hair and also make it more resistant or resilient to hair dam so to make the mask it's simple you're gonna want to grab an egg you want to separate the yolk from it then you're gonna whisk the yolk and mix and a little bit of  olive oil then you're gonna grab the mask apply it to your hair let it sit for about 30 minutes and then wash out and repeat as necessary throughout the month when you do this instantly you're gonna feel your hair feels more supple healthy hydrated and when you style it you're gonna look ten times better or  reduce swelling on your face this is a grooming hack guys need to start doing you don't get it that when you're tired we need to eat too much sodium and just overall stress starts causing your body to retain water and making your face look more puffy and swollen easy way to bring back some of that definition and remove the swelling or bloating this is grab a metal roller again you can buy this off Amazon they're like five or ten bucks dirt cheap you usually leave this in the freezer and when you use it just  roll your face for about 10 to 15 minutes and this is gonna reduce the swelling and the puffiness on your face making you look better every single k5 spray-on vitamin C to make your skin look vibrant vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can reduce any free  radicals also because of the vitamin C properties vitamin C helps aid in the skin's natural skin regeneration process  and even helps your body repair damaged skin this is why when you're done with your facial routine at night you can spray on some vitamin C you can again they sell this in multiple stores you buy it on Amazon when you do this when you wake up in the morning your skin's gonna look vibrant and healthy and when you do it over time the change that your skin's gonna have for the better it's gonna be insane shakes always use a priest on freestyle it just brings in crazy volume definition and luster to your hair if you've never used a pre styler you guys are missing out every time you're gonna style your hair with a blow dryer you want to spray some of this on before you start to blow drying process that's where it's called a pre stylerwhich is not only going to give you that end result of more volume and shine and making your hair look almost borderline perfect but also it's gonna protect your hair from the heat damage finally

 number seven is a grooming hack you can do on the go know when you're out and about maybe it's a hot humid day and all of a sudden you feel your face just crazy oily this is the worst and it can completely shatter your confidence and makes you feel dirty and ugly I get it well find your nearest restroom they're toilet seat cover these toilet seat covers make great natural facial oil wipes you use that to wipe your face and you're gonna instantly see all the oil from your face being absorbed by this toilet seat and you freshening up your skin making yourself look better and more confident and that's basically it for this week's guys those are seven grooming hacks you can implement today to look better  that's it for me today see you next time

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