Because of Corona! You should quickly get rid of this beauty habit

We can all do our part to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Questioning habits is a measure of that ...
The coronavirus is ubiquitous and is spreading ever further. More and more people become infected and sometimes fear for their lives. The government is, therefore, expanding measures to contain the pandemic and protect everyone together with the WHO. But we also have to take action! Means: Avoid social contacts and only leave the apartment in urgent cases. But questioning habits could now be worth gold in the fight against Corona.
So going to the drugstore should be enjoyed with caution in the future. In search of important things that we need for everyday life, the path is guaranteed to lead us past one or the other beauty shelf. Lots of new products shine at us and - zack! - the biggest trap is already lurking there. Usually we now curiously browse through the range and diligently use the testers to try out what might end up in our shopping basket. Does the lipstick color suit me? Does the shower gel really smell as promised? And does the new foundation really match my skin tone? 

Testers are real bacteria and virus spinners

Comprehensible questions that you shouldn't answer with the help of testers at the moment. The trial products pass through countless hands, are opened and closed again and again. Especially lipstick and gloss are often applied directly to the lips and brushes are constantly tested on various faces. In short: testers are the ideal focus for bacteria, germs, and viruses and we do not know whether a person infected with corona just had this tester in hand.
It has not yet been clarified whether or how long COVID-19, or Corona for short, adheres to beauty products. However, experts assume that the virus generally remains active outside the body for between two hours and nine days. It is therefore not only important to be careful in front of the beauty shelves, to wash and disinfect your hands regularly. 
If you still want to use the time at home for a little beauty, use it again to sort your beauty fund. Maybe you will find one or the other long-forgotten baby that should definitely be brought out of the water. And if you are in the mood for something new, just do it yourself. Old blush residues and petroleum jelly can be used to create a beautiful lipstick color in no time at all. If the blanket still falls on your head afterward, here we have a lot of great ideas on how you can use your time at home well. 

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