Everyone wants the POB! This is the coolest hairstyle for 2020 - promised 😍

Girls, grab your cell phone and call your hairdresser of confidence straight away because we know them: the coolest hairstyle of the year!
Is there a hairstyle that everyone - and we really mean EVERYONE - stands for? The answer is very clear: yes, that's the bob ! The half-length cut flatters every face shape, always looks neat and does not require hours of styling sessions in front of the bathroom mirror. No wonder, then, that the tried-and-tested "basic hairstyle" has since then continued to develop variations that quickly climb the trend scale. 
Everyone wants the POB!  This is the coolest hairstyle for 2020 - promised 😍
Turbo hairstyles! 3 hairstyles in 3 minutes - bet, will you succeed? πŸ˜
You remember the WOB - a mix of Waves and Bob? Or did you redesign the TOB at the beginning of the year - a bob with awesome? Either way, you can forget these hairstyles, because the hottest hairstyle shit is now called POB! 
Translated this means very simply: Our favorite hairstyle now comes with a stylish bang! The advantage of the new trend frize: it doesn't just cheat us a few years younger, it also comes with an extra portion of French vibes. We only say Sophie Marceau and 'La Boum'!
Maybe one or the other may come up with another prominent face when she thinks about the POB. Xenia Adonis, German influencer star, has been wearing the frize for a few weeks now and has made a significant contribution to making our hearts beat faster when we think about the next hairdressing appointment.

This is how you style the POB

The pony bob is the perfect upgrade for the straight - and maybe a little shorter - cut bob. Fringed strands that fall loose on the forehead like a delicate curtain are the heart of the look. Slight steps in the top coat in turn provide volume and prevent the style from being too clapped. If you want the professional version of the look, you can once again lay hands on the lengths and wave the tips very easily over a flat iron - et voliΓ !
The nice thing about the POB: Like its predecessors, it is perfectly suitable for every hair. Fine hair gets an extra portion of the volume and new momentum, thick and heavy hair, on the other hand, looks lighter and less compact.
Would you like evidence? These prominent women are already fans of the POB!

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