Sagging skin: emergence and treatment tips

Sagging skin is a natural phenomenon in the aging process. But there are prevention options and treatment tips.
Sagging skin: woman touches sagging skin on her face

Sagging skin: natural causes

The stability and firmness of our skin are significantly influenced by collagen and elastinTogether with hyaluronic acid (water-storing molecule), these fibers make the skin supple.
However, the following side effects occur with the natural aging process:
  • The production of hyaluronic acid and lipids decreases with increasing age. These two factors make a significant contribution to the skin's much-needed moisture and cushion it.
  • The number of fibers on collagen and elastin is also reducedThese ensure an appealing density of the skin structure.
  • Also changes the hormone levels during menopause can affect the tissue and blood circulation.

Sagging skin: external causes

  • Sun: The exposure of our skin to UV radiation not only endangers the health, but it also makes us age faster. The UV rays can break down the fibers, causing the skin to lose elasticity and stability. The structure of collagen is damaged by oxidative stress.
  • Nutrition: A balanced diet is essential for our body to prevent diseases and to supply the skin with all important vitamins and minerals. If you suffer from a detected vitamin deficiency, the supplementation of vitamin C, for example, can make an important contribution to skincare.
  • Alcohol and tobacco: tobacco promotes the spread of free radicals and can also worsen blood circulation. Alcohol inhibits the absorption of nutrients in the skin and can also inhibit the supply of antioxidants.
  • Sleep: Our skin regenerates during sleep. The best tips on creams, nutrition, and Co. are of no use if you continuously give your skin too little space to relax. Did you know that you fall asleep with a little lavender oil on your pillow? In general, good wellbeing and a not too stressful everyday life contribute to a positive complexion.
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Detect sagging skin

Symptoms of sagging skin may include loss of shine, wrinkles, and decreased elasticityThe loss of volume partially affects the entire structure and shape of the entire face. One often speaks of sunken corners of the mouth and a loss of facial contours.

Sagging skin: tips for skincare

It often seems that anti-aging products only become an issue for older women. However, special anti-aging care is recommended from the mid-20sBecause with the right facial care you can minimize the loss of skin tension that slowly occurs in women around 40. But what exactly does careful skincare look like?
If you rely on make-up, you should pay attention to nourishing ingredients. Anti-age make-up products, for example, are enriched with hyaluronic acid and provide the skin with moisture during use.
The use of a nourishing face cream with anti-aging ingredients and ideally with integrated sun protection should never be missingEven in winter, you should always use a day cream with sun protection, because our skin also reacts to light sunshine. Hyaluronic acid is extremely effective as a care ingredient because it promotes the regeneration of cells and binds a lot of water.
With high-quality facial oil, you can also promote the elasticity of the skinThis becomes drier gradually as you get older and can be enriched with oils. This allows you to minimize sagging skin and age lines.
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With an eye serum, you give the particularly vulnerable region under the eyes a refreshment that works against a weakening elasticity. With long-term use, you can support the adipose tissue and thus strengthen the skin.
Speaking of serum: you can ideally integrate the most highly concentrated of all beauty products into your care routine in the eveningApply a firming serum just before applying a gentle night cream after you have carefully cleaned your face. You can read everything about the anti-aging wonder weapon, the retinol serum, here.
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Sagging skin: beauty treatments

  • Thermal waves: This procedure is a high-frequency technique that heats the deep collagen layers of the skin. This will boost the production of collagen.
  • Ultrasound: With ultrasound treatment, the skin is lifted and tightened so that the tissue regains its stability.

Sagging skin: surgical treatments

  • Filler: Injections at least temporarily fill up the volume and deliver fast results. They are used primarily in the area of ​​cheeks, lips, and temples. Injections with hyaluronic acid also help against wrinkles.
  • Implants: Implants deliver long-term results and are used directly under the skin to increase volume. Nowadays, fillers and limo transfers are more popular because the regeneration time is significantly shorter.
  • Lipotransfer: With fat transfer, fat is taken from one region of the body and used again elsewhere. This method is particularly popular when filling the cheek volume. This can cause swelling on the skin. However, the process sometimes lasts over a year.
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Sagging skin on the neck, legs or arms

Even if sagging skin is most noticeable on the face, you shouldn't make the mistake of neglecting other areas of the body. Unfortunately, women are at a disadvantage because of their genetic predisposition when it comes to firm tissue.
But with the right care (especially oils and hydration) and strength training, you are fighting the connective tissue. Anyone who trains and builds up their muscles consistently leaves the skin with little chance of sagging.
The neck is an often neglected area of ​​skin. Here, sagging skin often shows up in ring-shaped lines. The skin on the neck contains only a few sebum glands and should be protected from UV rays with effective sunscreen, especially in summer. There are also special creams for the neck that contain additional ingredients, especially for women with sensitive skin.
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