These 10 brands are the most popular among German women - according to the study

"Which of these companies or brands do you have a generally positive/negative impression of?" YouGov, a British market research company that collects and then evaluates data from over eight million people worldwide, asked German women over the age of 18. Based on the results, YouGov created the "Women's Ranking 2020", which is based on a so-called impression score. This results from the balance of all ratings - positive and negative - and can, therefore, range from -100 to +100 points. Incidentally, the data was collected between February 1, 2019, and January 31, 2020. 

According to the survey, DM leaves the best impression on women

Most of the brands were able to confirm the positive impression they had made on women last year. However, a brand made it into the top 10 list for the first time this year. Surprising: Three of the ten companies are toy manufacturers - these should have been particularly well received by mothers.
The list is led by the drugstore DM. According to the survey, Dm is the favorite brand for women aged 18 and over and has thus managed to put Lego in second place. Dm competitor Rossmann takes third place according to the survey. Rossmann thus swapped the place from the previous year with Ravensburger - the puzzle manufacturer is now in 4th place. The survey participants rated Ikea and Miele 2020 better than in the previous year, causing the brands to move up one place and thus rank 5th and 6th. As a new competitor in the top 10 favorite brands, Whatsapp can look forward to 7th place. With places 8, 9 and 10, Playmobil, Samsung, and Nivea complete the top 10 in the ranking.

"Women's Ranking 2020": The Top 10 Brands in Germany

  1. Dm (+65.4 points)
  2. Lego (+64.0 points)
  3. Rossmann (+54.9 points)
  4. Ravensburger (+53.7 points)
  5. Ikea (+52.6 points)
  6. Miele (+51.4 points)
  7. WhatsApp (+51.0 points)
  8. Playmobil (+50.5 points)
  9. Samsung (+50.4 points)
  10. Nivea (+49.9 points)

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