STIMULATE FAT BURNING 10 effective tips

You want to stimulate your fat burning? We'll tell you the ten best tips to boost your metabolism and get rid of excess kilos.
What happens in the body when fat is burned?
Our fat cells store energy - and in earlier times this was essential for survival. Because in the past, there was no full refrigerator that we could help ourselves to at any time. Periods of hunger were completely normal. If there was nothing to eat, the body drew energy from the reserves of fat cells. Due to the abundance of food and lack of exercise, however, this once clever mechanism now leads to one thing above all: obesity.

And as if that is not annoying enough, the general number of fat cells in an adult human always remains the same. When the fat depot is empty, it is broken down by the body, but new cells are subsequently formed that store energy again. Therefore, to permanently stimulate fat burning, we must eat less than we need and at the same time focus on healthy foods.

10 tips for better fat burning
You want to stimulate your fat burning? These tips will help you:

1. what kind of sport boosts my fat burning properly?
The most effective is frequent and long endurance training, such as running, walking, or swimming. But more important than the choice of sport is the training plan. "To get rid of as many fat calories as possible, three to four hours a week are ideal," recommends Dr. Ramin Vafa from the Center for Performance Diagnostics at the German Sport University Cologne (pro-medal). "You should make the workload dependent on your fitness level." Beginners start with a quarter of an hour, the minimum for trained people is 30 to 45 minutes three times a week, advanced athletes should first increase the frequency, then the duration, and finally the intensity.

2. I like to work out while exercising. Do I always have to train at pulse 130 for effective fat burning? 
If you push yourself to your limits, you won't lose as much body fat. "I actually burn the most calories when I run really fast. Because that increases energy consumption, and thanks to the negative calorie balance, you lose weight," explains sports expert Vafa. "However, the body primarily resorts to carbohydrates in the process. If I want to burn fat and achieve health benefits, I have to maintain an individually low pulse - but 130 beats per minute are only a guideline." Bottom line: beginners should go for the duration, trained women may push the intensity and use their muscles more to boost fat burning.

3. I hold out for a maximum of half an hour - does that do anything at all for fat burning? 
According to researchers, there is a mini-effect in it, but neither fitness nor fat burning can really be boosted this way. "If someone only keeps going for half an hour even after the first few weeks of training, the pace isn't right," believes Ramin Vafa. Better: run so that you don't get completely out of breath.

4 Our metabolism needs oxygen to burn fat - is outdoor exercise more effective?
The oxygen in the air we breathe is enough even in the gym. But outside, our immune system is stimulated even more, and nature offers more variety. This makes it easier for many to lose body fat.

5 First strength training, then endurance sports or vice versa - which is better for burning fat? 
If you complete your endurance training first, the metabolism for fat gets going better. The other way around, the body activates the carbohydrate metabolism first through strength training.

6. What should I rather avoid if I want to stimulate my fat burning? 
The energy bar before the workout for body fat loss. And also the banana. Because then the body falls back on the carbohydrates in the blood and does not go to the fat stores.

7. can I boost fat burning when I train hungry? 
Definitely yes. If your own biorhythm allows it, exercise before breakfast in particular will deliver a high-fat turnover. Nevertheless, morning grouches should stick to working out in the evening because they are more efficient then. Tip: Don't eat anything for two hours before training. And: You don't have to go on a diet.

8. May I then at least really hit the ground running after the workout? 
After the workout, the body is still busy breaking down fat. After the workout, you should therefore avoid carbohydrates in your diet and focus on protein to support your muscles in their work. Instead of bread, pasta and alcohol, focus on vegetables, fish, or meat and cheese.

v9. how can I get rid of my belly fat with the help of the right diet?
Unfortunately, it is difficult, even if you eat more protein than carbohydrates. Fat is reduced throughout the body. However, it is clear that too much sugar, white flour, and junk food not only increases blood fat levels - it also increases belly fat. It is also important to reduce stress because it promotes fat storage in the middle of the body.

10 Although I want to lose weight, I should pay attention to "healthy" fats in my diet - does that fit together?
Our body needs these essential fatty acids for the production of energy, which it cannot produce itself. However, vital linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid can be found in just one tablespoon of rapeseed oil daily. In addition, Omega-3-Fettsäuren can as a study occupied the fat burn and the fat dismantling even support. They are mainly found in rapeseed and olive oil, organic dairy products, walnuts, flaxseed, and fatty fish. Here, too, the following applies: A diet is unnecessary.


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